She Looks Over And Sees Her Young Nephew Being Held By Stranger, Realizes The Truth

She Looks Over And Sees Her Young Nephew Being Held By Stranger, Realizes The Truth


Little kids have this inkling to know when the person is good or bad. Isaiah is a young boy who loves watching football games with his aunt. Auntie Star says that he is the sweetest and most adorable kid she knows. While watching the current week’s secondary school football game, something happened that will surely touch your heart and soul.

Isaiah spotted a familiar face in the group of people and started to approach her. As he came closer, her reaction was priceless! This is when Isaiah’s aunt realized the special bond that Isaiah has with this woman. Star decided to share this moment by posting her story on Facebook and it touched the heart of so many people. It didn’t long for her post to go viral! She started her post with a caption:

“I don’t know who this lady is, but if you know her, tell her she’s awesome.”

Star then wrote that two weeks ago during the last home game, Isaiah came up to this lady in the crowd. Without saying anything, he sat on her lap and they started talking like they knew each other and they talked for a solid 20 minutes! The woman left after halftime to meet with her daughter.

Fast forward to tonight…

Star said that not long after they were able to find seats, Isaiah spotted the same woman in the crowd. Once the kid recognized the lady he didn’t wait long to get to her. She waved at him and he immediately made his way up to where she was sitting. Star thought that maybe her nephew enjoyed talking to her and they might spend more than 20 minutes this time. What she didn’t know that she is very wrong!

When Isaiah reached her, the lady took Isaiah in her lap with open arms. Watching them from afar, the two looked like a mother and her child. They looked as if they knew each other for a long time! Nobody would believe that they’ve never met, with the exception of those 20 minutes at the game two weeks back.

Star felt a little embarrassed and she didn’t want Isaiah to bother the woman so she approached them and asked him to go back to his seat. However, the stranger told her that Isaiah wasn’t bothering her at all and having him there made her happy. She explained that she has a kid but she’s already 15 years old and she missed holding a little child in her arms. She assured Star that she’s okay with Isaiah spending time with her and both of them looked happy and content while hanging out during the game.

On her post, Star admitted that was not able to get the name of that kind-hearted mom and her friends, even some strangers offered to help her identify the woman.

With the help of Sara who commented, “We found out who she is. Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady, Y’all! It’s awesome how God connects people together for whatever reason!”, it was then revealed that the woman was Mrs. Angela. Surprisingly, Angela herself responded to Sara’s post and shared that she was able to read Star’s post and was definitely touched by what she said. After a few days, Star’s post went viral and it reached nearly 1 million likes and over 310,000 shares! Sure enough, what Angela did for Isaiah was something that everyone would really remember about her for a very long time.


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