They All Share Surviving The Same Attack And The Resulting Scars Are Going Viral

They All Share Surviving The Same Attack And The Resulting Scars Are Going Viral


Surviving a lightning strike is a miracle. This can cause injuries that can change our lives while other people are not able to survive. Not many of us have really seen what a lightning strike mark would really look like. Images that was shared by Bored Panda shows how other survivors were able to escape fatal injuries and were just left with unique markings all over their bodies. These markings are also known “Lichtenberg figures” or “Lightning flowers.”

A single lightning bolt is made up of several 100 million volts and it has a capacity to cause permanent organ damage. There are other victims who experience a ‘flashover effect’ where the lightning just passes over the surface of their skin. In these cases, these people are left with temporary markings that are described as “fern-like erythema.” This is believed to be a result of ruptured capillaries.

Bored Panda shared these incredible images and it caught the attention of so many people online. A woman who remained to be anonymous was left with a fern-shaped erythema. This is one of the collections featured on Bored Panda. Another man shows his Lichtenberg figure that stretches from his neck and shoulders, down to his lower back. A single lightning strike can cause unique markings that will always be different for every victim.

According to BMJ, the odds of getting struck by a lightning is one in a 10 million! Only 90% of those who were struck would be able to survive. According to the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), when the electrons from the lightning are driven into the epidermis, it will then radiate upward from its successive point where it forms a fractal pattern of repeated bifurcations. The Met Office reports that a lightning strike would be able to travel at a speed of 270,000 mph and it measures 2-3 cm in width. The temperature can reach up to 30,000 degrees Celsius. This means that the lightning is five times hotter than the surface of the Sun!

Lightning is an electrical current but it many are still not aware of how this is formed. According to Planet Science, as the air rises, the water vapor cools and it will form a cloud. As soon as the air continues to rise, the clouds get heavier and bigger. The temperature is below freezing point at the tops of the clouds and the water vapor here will turn into ice. When the cloud becomes a thundercloud, small bits of ice will bump into each other when they move around.

These collisions will cause electrical charge buildup. The whole cloud will then be full of electrical charges. When the positive and the negative charges grow, a giant spark will form which we now call, lightning, and this occurs between the two charges of the clouds. This will look like static electricity, just bigger and scarier.

There are so many lightning strike cases all over the world, and it is always considered as a miracle when a victim survives. Always stay away from open fields and hilltops. Remember that the lightning strikes the tallest object in a certain area. You should also avoid swimming or doing water sports during rainy days. Never stand near trees and avoid tall and isolated objects. These Lichtenberg figures may look incredibly amazing but remember that it will never be an experience that you would want to go through. Keep yourself safe at all cost.


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