Service Woman Rescues Older Dog Who Has Been Waiting In Shelter For 7 Years

Service Woman Rescues Older Dog Who Has Been Waiting In Shelter For 7 Years


What every dog wishes is to have a family to call his own and welcoming and cozy home. However, not every dog has the opportunity to have all these. Many are still in the streets while others sure have a home but they are abused. Lucky are those who are rescued and are given a forever home.

Pirate also wanted to have what every dog wants. He was a very sweet pup but it seems like no family would want to keep her. For seven years, she was being passed around by those who came and visit the Oahu Animal Shelter.

Luckily, in 2017, Jennifer Hoyt, a US Army Servicewoman who was assigned in Honolulu wanted to get a dog. Jennifer is an animal lover and she decided that she wanted to adopt a dog soon. However, her fiancé who is a fellow serviceman named Dennis Shaffer advised for her to wait for him until he moved to Hawaii after a few months so they both can get a dog and take care of him.

So she waited.

For the meantime, she would spend her free days and hours by volunteering at the Oahu Animal Shelter. When she reported at the animal shelter on her first day, she noticed Pirate. He was older than the other dogs in the shelter. What she noticed though was the sad look on her face and this broke her heart.
Jennifer had an instant connection with Pirate so she decided to learn more about her. This is when she learned about the pups’ story.

When she was scrolling through the Oahu Animal Shelters’ Instagram Page, she learned that Pirate had been in that shelter for seven years! When she knew about this, she immediately knew that Pirate is the dog for her. She had to give this dog a chance to experience what it would be like to have a human family of her own.

Jennifer called Dennis and she tearfully shared the situation. She was glad that her fiancé agreed for her to spend more time with Pirate and get to know her better and to see and feel if she is the right dog for them.

The very next day, Jennifer spent time with Pirate. She went to her kennel and what she saw broke her heart even more. She shared, “She didn’t look at me; she didn’t look at anything… She was emotionally detached. That broke my heart.” To help Pirate, Jennifer would bring her toys and a new bed. Pirate slowly grew more comfortable with her. Then the day came when Dennis finally agreed to adopt Pirate!

Jennifer officially adopted Pirate, the senior dog or Oahu Animal Shelter on July 13, 2017. Her new family then gave her a new name. Now she goes with the name, ‘Pirate Marie.’

After only a month, Jennifer and Pirate had a closer bond. A month later, Dennis arrived. Pirate was a bit wary of him at first but over time, Dennis surely won her over. Now, she is as close to him as she is with Jennifer. She has now been with her new family for two years and you can tell by her photos that she is a happy pup. That is for sure!


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