School Doesn’t Punish Bully Who Broke Student’s Arm Over Silly Excuse

School Doesn’t Punish Bully Who Broke Student’s Arm Over Silly Excuse


As a parent, it is difficult to make your child understand why some kids are bullies. In fact, the school where they spend most of their time during weekdays is where they can see or experiencing bullying.

And this mom has been dealing with one of her kids who is on the receiving end of the bullying. She did not do anything about it at first, but when things started to get out of control, she decided to speak with the school. She also took to Reddit to share her story and at least, get the perspective of other people, especially other parents, whether what she said was too insensitive.

Posting on Reddit’s AITA, this mom gave a short history about her family before delving into the issue.

She wrote, “So I(38F) have 5 kids, all internationally adopted as I am infertile. This, in particular, is about one of my daughters (9f), I will call her Zoey as it starts with the same letter as her real name. Zoey just entered 4th grade, she’s going to school in person this year. Well, one girl (I’ll call her Cat) has been picking on Zoey a lot. I’m not one of those moms who makes a huge fuss over every little squabble.”

She added that Cat has picked on Zoey for being adopted, being Asian, and also started rumors that she has the virus. “Every time Zoey tries to tell her teacher, her teacher either brush it off as a ‘conflict’ or says that Cat is dealing with a lot and not to mind her even though that is very hard for Zoey… I have learned with one of my older kids to document every incident of bullying that happens to my child, I just write down the date and what they say happened in a notebook. It usually turns out to be nothing.”

The mom made it a point to document everything. And she noticed that this bullying has been going on for a while now. She knew that she had to do something about it after the school nurse called her saying that Zoey had fallen out of a tree at recess and hurt her arm. She explained to the forum what happened. She said that Zoey told her that Cat convinced her to climb up the tree and she would let her sit on the class bean bag or something like that.

And when Zoey did climb the tree, Cat started shaking the other end and made Zoey fell. And when this happened, Cat ran away. When Zoey told the teacher about what happened, the teacher scolded her because she was the one who climbed the tree. Then he took her to the nurse.

As it turned out, Zoey broke her wrist. And because of this, the mom and her husband want to hold Cat accountable. The mom also shared that the teacher kept calling the incident a fight or conflict. The teacher also said that her daughter should not have climbed the tree in the first place. Also, they tried to make the mother understand that Cat lost her grandmother over the summer to ‘cut her a little slack.’

Still, the mom did not find this as an acceptable excuse and still asked the teacher for the child to be punished. She added that the teacher seemed shocked after she said that she didn’t care if the bully will be punished.

And now that they had the entire week off, she is asking Reddit if she’s a TA for saying what she said about the child. She then asked the Reddit community if she was in the wrong for showing no empathy for the child who allegedly hurt her daughter.

What do you think? Was the mother wrong for saying that she didn’t care if the bully will be punished? Was the teacher being too lax when dealing with bullying involving his students?


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