Sassy Toddler Snaps Back At Grandma With Silly Comeback

Sassy Toddler Snaps Back At Grandma With Silly Comeback


Children are sweet. They are the most innocent humans, and we can’t help but love them. Sadly, however, they also the most delicate and are prone to very many illnesses. Some are born with terminal illnesses and are forced to go through numerous treatments to stay alive. With enough support and love from parents, siblings, family, and anyone else around, such children can grow up with a positive outlook on life. They draw strength from their loved ones to face each day as it comes, and there is nothing more inspiring than a young fighter.

This is the case for two-year-old Livia Grace. The sweet little angel was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta that makes her real delicate. The young lady cannot handle too much physical pressure as her bones are extremely fragile. Despite this, she is a bright bouncing ball of joy. Anyone who spends so much as a minute with her is bound to fall in love with the joy that little Livia has. The bright-eyed girl was recently captured on camera as she interacted with grandmother during a shopping trip and it has since won over millions of hearts across the world on social media.

In the said incident, Livia was perched comfortably on a shopping trolley, and her grandmother was pushing her through the aisles as they picked up the items on their shopping list. She seemed quite satisfied with her self in an almost hilarious way. Livia was wearing tiny black pants, a white checked shirt, and a little fuzzy gray coat.

Her grandmother then spotted a nice pair of slippers that would look good on her granddaughter and keep her warm. Little did the old lady know that the youngster was going to put on a very spirited fight. Livia watched warily as her grandmother picked up the slippers and what followed was worth capturing and sharing.

The little girl decided to throw a tantrum that even her grandma wouldn’t forget in a while. She lifted her tiny index finger to imitate her grandma’s and kicked her little legs so hard that no one would dare put anything on them. She then went on to complain and warn her grandma not to put the nasty shoes on her pretty feet. The resulting conversation was a hilarious exchange of grandma’s warnings and incomprehensible baby chatter.

Osteogenesis imperfecta is also called the brittle bones disease. Usually, babies are diagnosed with it at birth, but it only persists in those whose families have a history with it. Its effects range from mildly fractured bones to serious defects such as problems with the spinal cord and permanent deformities. The bone disease develops in babies before they are born or shortly after.

The condition can be life-threatening or not, depending on the intensity of the effects. Symptoms include bone deformities, a bluish color in the white of the eyes, weak teeth, abnormal outward or inward curve of the spine, bowed legs and loose joints. Sadly, there is no cure yet for the condition. Children suffering from it, however, can be offered supportive therapy to increase the quality of their lives by minimizing incidences. As sassy Livia proves, even those who suffer from delicate bones can live a good life and enjoy the small joys such as a good argument with grandma!


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