Robber Pulls Gun On Store Clerk But Find Out Very Painfully He’s A Combat Trained Veteran

Robber Pulls Gun On Store Clerk But Find Out Very Painfully He’s A Combat Trained Veteran


Robber Pulls Gun On Store Clerk, Has No Idea He’s A Combat Trainee Veteran!

We have seen and heard new from all over the world about store clerks getting robbed. This is a common issue and in most cases, clerks end up giving up their money and some would even get hurt during these situations. But we also know that some stories end up differently. Just like this video that’s going viral when a clerk who was about to be a victim of robbery did something that even the robber did not expect to happen.

This video happened in 2013 but it is currently being shared again online. It was from a liquor store in Marionville, Missouri. Liquor stores are often the target of these robberies because they can get a lot of everything that they need: liquor, cigarettes, and most especially, cash!

A man came in and looked like he’s demanding for money and free things from the store. He pulled his gun out while making his demands to the clerk. Little did he know that the clerk, Jon Lewis Alexander, was once a military officer!

Alexander has had all the extensive training in the past and he surely knows how to handle these type of situations. The robber was smoking a cigarette when he entered the store so Alexander asked him to leave. The robber demanded Alexander give him all the money that he has on hand. The guy pulled out a gun on him, but Alexander did not move. He stood his ground and was definitely not going to give anything to this man.

He was quick to take action to defend himself and the store. He has a weapon too! He put it against the mouth of the robber and told him to leave the store or he was going to blow his head off! When the robber saw this, he immediately ran out of the store knowing that he will not be able to intimidate Alexander. So instead of insisting for what he wants, he exited out of the door.

Everything was caught on video and everyone was amazed at how quick Alexander was to scare the robber away. It is just so nice to see a bad person being stopped from doing something nasty. This simply teaches us a lesson that the more you stand your ground, the more robbers out there will realize that they cannot make everyone their victim.

For sure, Alexander and his store will stay safe for a very long time as long as this video is out there. Robbers will think twice of approaching the establishment for the wrong reasons. However, self-defense experts advice that if you do not have the professional training that Alexander had, do not risk it. Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t jeopardize your safety. It is also best to have a security camera in your store to make sure that you have evidence to provide the police officers and investigators to help you catch the culprit.

Everyone is hoping that somehow, by sharing Alexander’s video, these bad people will think twice when it comes to robbing a store or a person. You really do not know what to expect when you approach a clerk. For sure, this robber never thought that Alexander was once a military officer!


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