Richard Gere Makes Announcement That No One Saw Coming, Fans Are Without Words

Richard Gere Makes Announcement That No One Saw Coming, Fans Are Without Words


They say a child is one of the best gifts a person can get. It’s true in all fairness, but does that still count when one is already over 50?
Well at 69, Richard Gere is probably contemplating on that as he and his lovely wife Alejandra just announced that they are expecting a baby in a beautiful Instagram post.
The post even featured a very special cameo.

“A very special moment happened just a few minutes ago… we got blessings for our precious baby. We just couldn’t announce it without letting HH Dalai Lama know,” captioned Alejandra as she put up a picture of His Holiness blessing her baby bump.

“They’re just so comfortable around each other”

This will actually be the second child that Gere and Alejandra are having, as the Chicago star also has Homer, an 18 year old son, with is ex-wife Carey Lowell, while Alejandra herself has a 5 year old son from her previous relationship.

Gere, who was also married to modeling legend Cindy Crawford, got married to the 35 year old Alejandra in April after a courtship that lasted four years. Their wedding took place in Madrid, in the company of loved ones.

A source close to the couple said of their relationship, “They’re incredibly comfortable with each other. They have a lot of fun, and they’re looking forward to their future”
Following their wedding, Gere had an interview with HELLO! Magazine and he just couldn’t stop bragging about his new wife.

He said to the outlet, “I’m the happiest man in the world. Why won’t I be? I’m married to a smart, beautiful and sensitive woman who is committed to helping people. She’s fun-loving, patient, a great cook, and who has a big heart”

“Alejandra meditates, she’s a vegetarian, an awesome mother, and she has the touch of an angel. She’s also from Spain; the land of kings and queens, of Cerantes and Bunuel. What more could I ask for?”

Also, Alejandra had an interview with Spanish outlet HOLA! And she gushed about her husband.

“I was a little bit lost, without any light. Knowing him has given my life meaning. I felt like someone finally reached out to me and showed me my true path,” she aid to the publication.

However, Gere isn’t only vocal about his marriage to Alejandra, as he also discusses his faith in Buddhism.

“He has been transformed by practicing Buddhism and doing some humanitarian work”

Gere spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and stated that the reason why he is no longer making mainstream movies is due to the Tibetan origins of his faith as well as the conflict of this faith with China.

“There are movies can’t be in anymore because the Chinese will say, ‘Not with him,’. I had a recent episode and someone said that they couldn’t back the film financially because it would end up angering the Chinese” he said, stating the growing influence of China on the movie industry.

However, even though it has limited his movie roles, a source close to the actor said that Buddhism has definitely changed him.

The insider added, “He’s been practicing Buddhism and doing humanitarian work and this has definitely transformed him. He is at the point where he can make the types of movies that he likes.


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