Restaurant Posts Sign With Controversial Rule Regarding Children, They Refuse To Apologize

Restaurant Posts Sign With Controversial Rule Regarding Children, They Refuse To Apologize


Children can be a nuisance at times. This is especially the case in hotels and restaurants. Imagine having a long day at work with tons of paperwork to do, a grumpy boss and unfriendly co-workers. Its evening and all you want to do is have a nice quiet meal at your favorite restaurant. You walk in, make your order and wait for the food. The waiter delivers your order, and you dig in heartily. You are starting to relax and enjoy your meal when all of a sudden a family with small kids walk in. In no time at all the kids are shrieking at the top of their shrill voices and the parents are not doing much about it. Won’t you be infuriated?

Well, one restaurant in Monterey knows exactly how you would feel, and has decided to take the decision from the parents. The Old Fisherman’s Grotto has introduced a policy that makes sure that yelling kids and crying babies do not get into the restaurant to disturb your peace of mind. It has had a no-stroller policy since 2009 since they apparently make it difficult for servers to move around.

The Grotto also has a no-high chair and no-booster chairs policy that has kept many children away from it. This year, the restaurant is enforcing a rule that forbids children that cry or make loud noises from entering the dining area.

The restaurant’s owner is not anywhere close to apologetic about this policy. Chris Shake has expressed great concern for the comfort of his diners, and even revealed that the move was good for the business. He also pointed out that most of those people who were writing bad reviews about their policy have never actually been to the restaurant. He added that the restaurant had families with well-behaved children who understood the rule and followed it.

The Old Fisherman’s Grotto has no doubt become quite popular in social media. People have not hesitated in expressing their opinions, and as usual, there are supporters and opposers. One Gayle Browning applauded the restaurant’s decisions and stated in no unclear terms just how screaming children had ruined many of her dinners. She accused the parents of such kids for not controlling them and advised them to stay at home if they cannot find babysitters for their children.

Another Yelper Felisha disagreed with the Grotto. She felt like they were just unnecessarily discriminatory. She made it known that she would not be visiting the restaurant any time soon. Not as long as they still had the no strollers and no loud kids policy.

Whenever there is a child tantrum in a restaurant, there are usually three parties affected. The parents of the child (or whoever they came with), the offended party and the restaurant management. It is good to note that it is never easy on the parents of the children. It is actually embarrassing.

If you are such a parent, try to enforce home dining rules in the restaurant too. If you are the offended party, try to sympathize with the parents; you can move to a quieter place, or you can talk to the management about it. If you are the management, talk to the parents and see whether they can get the situation under control as soon as possible.


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