Rescued Pit Bulls Who Meet Each Other For The First Time Are So Happy They Dance Together (video)

Rescued Pit Bulls Who Meet Each Other For The First Time Are So Happy They Dance Together (video)


There are so many good reasons why we should adopt a pet, instead of buying one.

Hundreds of cats and dogs are being rescued every day all over the world. Hope For Paws is one of the biggest rescue groups that are popular for their animal advocacy and their thousands of animal rescues.

Cadence and Chance were two of the rescue dogs and they were taken in by the organization in 2013 from two different rescues. The organization was unsure how they would react when they will be around other dogs.

Pit Bulls are known for their bad reputation and because of the traumatizing history of these dogs, Hope for Paws was hesitant at first to introduce them to each other. But when they gave it a shot, they are glad they did!

The introduction of these two pit bulls was caught on video and this is now going viral!

Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws found Cadence a few years ago after she was used as a bait dog for a fighting ring. She was covered in wounds and scars when she was rescued, and her face has taken most of the brunt of the trauma that she has to go through. A day later, Hagar found Chance who was hiding near a hot dog truck in Los Angeles. It seemed like he has been living on the streets his entire life and it was obvious that he was terrified of humans. He doesn’t trust anyone.

Hagar was able to comfort both of them and bring them to the safety of the shelter. These two dogs received their much-needed baths and medical attention. After the shelter staff decided that it was time to introduce them to one another, they didn’t know what to expect.

As soon as the door opens for the first time, Chance and Cadence fell in love with each other instantly – it was love at first sniff!

When Cadence and Chance set eyes on each other, both of their tails wagged and genuine happiness is evident in their faces. A few seconds later, the two dogs go into play-mode! Their paws are excitedly tapping on the floor while they hop and play around each other. Everyone can see that both Cadence and Chance have an instant connection with each other.

Their video was shared on YouTube by Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel, and this clip gained over 4 million views!
Hope For Paws fans can’t help but show how happy they are for these two dogs. One of the comments posted reads, ‘Both dogs won, they were rescued by you guys.’ Another comment says, “I really enjoy this video. I love Cadence’s smile. It is as though Chance could tell Cadence had been ‘dominated’ by others of their breed and stayed in the low, submissive posture to give her confidence and reassurance. It sure looks that way in her smile!”

Another viewer even shared that pit bulls are such sweethearts and wishing that people would stop giving them a bad reputation. Even though these two have different life experiences, they share the same struggles, the feelings of neglect, being unsafe, and unloved. Since they were rescued, everything changed for them! It is obvious that they could not be happier to share this new life with each other.


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