Repo Man Takes Away Elderly Couples’ Car, Then Drops Another Bombshell And Sends Couple Reeling

Repo Man Takes Away Elderly Couples’ Car, Then Drops Another Bombshell And Sends Couple Reeling


When Stan Kipping was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was devastating news to his family. The couple lives in Red Bud, IL. They didn’t have the money for a comprehensive treatment plan for his illness. His medical bills mounted very quickly. They had a very small retirement fund and quickly entered a situation of financial trouble.

Stan and his wife Pat couldn’t afford even the things they really needed, like one hundred dollar payment on their ‘98 Buick Century. They didn’t have any options and simply prayed for a miracle.

One day, a man named Jim Ford came to repossess the Buick. Jim was polite and approached them and got the keys from them. They didn’t cause a scene like Jim’s other repossessions often do. Pat just handed over the keys.

Pat later told CBS that she put everything in the hands of God, and there wasn’t a need to be mad at him.

“When he took the car I said, ‘God, do whatever, whatever you think is best for us.’ You know, God works in mysterious ways.”

Jim hooked up the Buick to tow it and drove away. He felt a sense of guild almost immediately.

He grabbed his cell after stopping the truck. On CBS News he said,

“They’re like America’s grandparents. I saw my grandparents in them. And I made it a block before I pulled over and called the bank. And I asked them if I could pay off the past due amount.”

Soon there was even GoFundMe page that paid off the car, and he also detailed the car and changed the oil.

After several days, Jim went back to the Kipping’s home.

As Pat cried, at the sight of the tuned up and clean car. Jim also let her know that the rest of the loan was gone! He gave her $17,000 in an envelope. It was the miraculous even that Pat had prayed for.

Pat faith in humans was restored according to what she told CBS.

“He was wonderful. I mean, he’s the kindest man I’ve ever met in all my life… There are good people out there. He’s our guardian angel.”

In 2018, an estimated almost six million people in the US of all ages have Alzheimer’s. Of them, five and a half million people age sixty-five and older.

The number of aging Americans is growing at a very fast rate. The numbers of Alzheimer’s patients will also grow. Every sixty-five second someone is diagnosed.

Just like Stan and his wife Pat, eighty-three percent of the help provided to older adults in the US comes from people in the family or other caregivers that go unpaid. Nearly fifty percent of help provided to seniors from caregivers is for someone with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.

About thirty-four percent of caregivers is age sixty-five or older. Caregivers often have financial, physical, and emotional difficulties.

Seventy percent of the total lifetime cost of caring for someone with dementia is paid for by families. This is through the value of unpaid care from families, like Stan and Pat, and out-of-pocket health and long-term care expenses.

If you think a loved one is experiencing signs of dementia, make sure to take them to a medical professional right away.


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