The Real Story Behind Viral Photo Of Exhausted Firefighters Is Heart Breaking

The Real Story Behind Viral Photo Of Exhausted Firefighters Is Heart Breaking



This is the current number of lives of people that were taken while California is facing another round of devastating wildfires. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes, earnestly praying that the fires will not reach their lands. While these frightened residents run away from the fire, firefighters are running directly into it!

A number of firefighters from the state and also from the surrounding areas came together to battle with the flames that are threatening the homes of millions of people. These brave firefighters are the only ones standing between total destruction and the risk of getting burned. There are plenty of pictures of these firefighters while they are pressed up against the flames with a hose in hand. Their fellow firefighters are standing alongside them, giving them the support that they need.

We know that they are giving everything that they have to put a stop to these fires. What we don’t see is what happens as soon as the firetrucks pull out and these men head back to take a nap that they badly needed.

Last December, one of the California fire departments took pictures of this heartbreaking reality and shared it online. After the unbearable heat and the impossible terrains, this is what these firefighters get to experience as soon as they step off the battleground. The Kern County Fire Department shared a photo with this caption:

“This is a photo of our Tehachapi Wildland Fire Crew 11. Our crews have worked hundreds of hours to help battle the Thomas Fire… Thank you, for your dedication and hard work to help the communities of Southern California.”

The post also explains that these firefighters are working 24-hour shifts and they are always pushed to the point of exhaustion. The pictures show how these men are covered in soot, their boots are still on and some still have their helmets. They are resting within arm’s length. This is the reality that the KCFD wanted everyone to see. They can easily knock on someone else’s door and they will be immediately given clothes and food, but sadly, this is not an option for them. This is the reason why so many people send gifts to these firefighters to thank them for their bravery.

Darren Dow, the vice president of the California Fire Local 2881, shared with TIME that while the material donations are fine, they are often unwanted. What these firefighters would need are monetary donations more than anything else. Dow said that most of the time, the cash donations are better because they can be utilized this money for their specific needs rather than taking away some manpower.

If you have some financial contribution to share, TIME is recommending you to donate that to one of the reputable organizations mentioned below:

AFF’s Disaster Relief Fund
California Fire Foundation
CDF Firefighters Benevolent Foundation

If financial help is not an option, a simple prayer sent their way can be a great help. These men and women who bravely take the risk to save what is left that the wildfire has not destroyed, they can use any form of help that we can send them! So what are you waiting for? Share what you have and be a blessing to these firefighters.


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