Pup Gets Called To Come Inside, But Her Antics Crack Up The Internet

Pup Gets Called To Come Inside, But Her Antics Crack Up The Internet


Dogs have always been part of our lives. There are too many words to describe them. But most of them are loving, protective, loyal, devoted, tireless, and playful. How they delight us and brighten our days will always be a mystery. These are the reasons why they are called “Man’s Best Friend.” From smaller dogs to large-breed dogs, each of us has our own preference.

There are thousands of viral videos online where these charming canines are the star of the show. Their playful antics will always captivate us. They love to play outside, rolling around the grass, running around catching a twig or a ball, or even playing Hide and Seek with their owners. The hide and seek game between dogs and their owners became trending when a video of a dog from Ohio named Tasha became viral.

Tasha – The Queen of “Hide And Seek”?

Kelly Davenport Jackson, a resident of Rossford, Ohio USA, and her husband were going through their daily routine by letting their puppy “Tasha” outside to have time to sniff around and enjoy the sunny day in their grassy lawn before its time to call her back inside. When Kelly’s husband opened the door to call Tasha back inside the house, it seems like this sneaky pooch has a different plan in mind. She still wants to play outside. Her plan? It’s time to play Hide and Seek!

Hide and Seek is one of the fun games that dogs love to play. However, the game should be played where the owner would “hide” and their dog would “seek” for them as soon as the owner calls the dog’s name. But Tasha plays differently. The video shows that as soon as her dad calls her name and say, “Tasha! Tasha, where are you? Tasha!,” she is nowhere to be found.

The moment dad closes the door, Tasha takes a little peak and you can see her pointy ears first then her face as she looks at where dad is at, not knowing that Kelly is taking a video of this cute moment with her, capturing how playful Tasha is. Tasha is there, hiding behind a big clay pot a few feet away from their door! Then dad opens the door again and before he calls for her, Tasha is now out of sight as she hides back behind that clay pot.

Then Dad calls her, “Tasha! Where are you, Tasha? Tasha!” But no response, still no Tasha around. She is hiding quietly and as soon as dad closes the door again, Tasha’s head is up. Hearing Kelly’s laughter at how adorable their puppy is, you can feel that Tasha is one of the reasons why they are happy. Kelly then shared the video online but the couple did not expect this  to go viral, and it did! Now, it has over 40 million views and the number is still growing.

Why Do Dogs like To Play “Hide and Seek”?

Playing is one of the most effective mental stimulators which minimize boredom in canines. Playing makes them happy. If they are happy, this reduces any possible destructive or attention seeking behavior of your pets. Remember that dogs are like children and they also love to play Hide and Seek. This will not only stimulate their brain but also their body.

Dogs will be loyal to us if we reciprocate the love and compassion that they are showing us. Like Kelly and her husband, never forget to play with your pets. Playing fetch, hide and seek,  or a short walk to the park can make their day. You are not only making them mentally healthy, but you are also giving them the time for exercise which they need regularly.



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