Prince Harry’s Wedding Ring Is Causing Certain People To Be Outraged

Prince Harry’s Wedding Ring Is Causing Certain People To Be Outraged


When it comes to royal weddings, everyone’s buzzing about the engagement and wedding rings given to the brides. Like the ones that Queen Elizabeth II and even Kate Middleton are wearing. They have been the most talked about pieces of jewelry in the world. Yet, nobody is talking about what their husbands are wearing on their fingers. That’s because they are not wearing any rings that can grab our attention.

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They have chosen to opt out of wearing wedding bands after tying the knot. For Prince William, a palace spokesperson explained after his wedding in 2011 that his decision not to wear a ring was his personal preference. He is just not the one who wears jewelry. For Prince Charles on the other hand, he has been seen wearing his ring after he married Camilla Parker-Bowles, but not on the correct finger. Instead, he has it on his pinky and he is wearing it behind his signet ring.

Not wearing a wedding band is a tradition among the upper-class British men which include the royal blood. In Britain, men did not start wearing a wedding band until the Second World War. According to Peter York, the co-author of ‘The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook,’ this is like a code and there is a group of the upper-class people who believe that the less stuff you are wearing, the better and this includes the accessories.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married last May, there was quite a lot of things that they did which broke a couple of traditions and this intrigued a lot of people, especially the media. During their wedding ceremony, Meghan was not the only one who received a wedding band. It was not very common but Prince Harry also received a ring.

And what made everyone so curious is that even after the wedding, Prince Harry can still be spotted wearing a platinum band which goes against the tradition of wearing classic Welsh gold. However, this ring does not only signify his commitment to Meghan Markle, but it also has a deeper meaning. Penny Junor who is the author of ‘The Duchess’ explained to Vogue that by wearing a platinum wedding band, Prince Harry shows that this is the proof that we needed.

Prince Harry is the least conventional member of the Royal Family and he has chosen to do what most married men do today and everyone likes it. This royal couple is known for now playing by the royal rules and everyone has seen on multiple occasions that they have chosen the modern way over tradition. Aside from the rings, another proof is Meghan’s wedding dress or how Harry is speaking out about his mental health.

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The wedding ring does not only symbolize the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But it is also a reminder to them and the entire world that they abide with certain royal etiquette, but they also want to play by their own rules like what modern couples do. Some may not agree with this, but many are happy that this royal couple is showing everyone that they are just like any other couple we know. This is the start of it all! Meghan and Harry are reshaping the royal family with their new perspectives and combining the traditional and the modern way of life.


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