Priest Invites Stray Dogs To Be Part Of Church Mass

Priest Invites Stray Dogs To Be Part Of Church Mass


Stray dogs are everywhere. Some have been born into this life while others have been abandoned by their owners. And sadly, there is not much shelter and homes that can take them to provide them with a warm and comfy place to rest even for a night.

Compared to other countries in the world, Brazil admits that they face serious problems with stray animals, especially dogs. Although a lot of Brazilians love dogs, there are also others who choose to ignore them. And those who have dogs at home do not see the importance to spay or neuter their pets to stop the overpopulation of these animals. As a result, we see more of them in the streets of Brazil.

There is a huge number of stray dogs anywhere in the country. In fact, there are even more dogs than children in Brazil. And unfortunately, these strays can become dominant in the streets. They become destructive and dangerous, especially when they are in a pack.

Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes, the head of the parish in Santana Gravatá, Brazil is trying his best to encourage the people in his parish to think about the welfare of these stray dogs. To help them understand the need for help, he is putting these animals in front and center during mass at the Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá.

Yes, you read it right. That means that when you attend the mass at this church and you love dogs but still you don’t have one, there is a huge possibility that you will going home with a new one!

You see, Father Gomes makes it a point to bring these street dogs to become a part of his service. He is hoping that he can convince his parishioners to adopt them if they can. Other than that, he also provides shelter for these strays to keep them off the streets.

In his Facebook account, Father Gomes writes, “They will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink their water and find shelter and protection, for this house is of God and they are of God.”

But you have to remember that these are stray dogs. That means that unlike other dogs, they may not act ‘adoptable.’ They live in the streets and they can be rowdy. They can be disruptive and challenging to deal with and live with. But also, you need to understand that with the right amount of love and patience, these dogs can be tamed to make them family-friendly.

Also, because of the love, patience, and understanding that the priest has for these dogs, people from his church gets the chance to see how rewarding it can be to care for an animal. He shows the people that when he takes these dogs in, he makes sure to give them access to everything they need. He brings them during a mass at church because he wants these dogs to learn how to socialize with humans for them to become pets.

This is the church’s amazing way to ‘live what you preach.’ Remember that we are all Gods’ creatures. And all of us, humans and animals alike, deserve to love and be loved, respect and be respected. And that does not exempt these stray dogs. Priest Decides To Open Up Church For Stray Dogs In Need Of Temporary Shelter


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