Pregnant Teen Decides To Give Baby Up For Adoption, But There’s A Catch And It’s Making National Headlines

Pregnant Teen Decides To Give Baby Up For Adoption, But There’s A Catch And It’s Making National Headlines


Sometimes we make mistakes, even if nothing can be done to rewrite those mistakes, certain things can suffice as remission. 19-year-old Kaleena Pysher took a wrong turn in her life but she is doing something spectacular that is rewriting her past wrongs and setting the records straight.

Kaleena ended up with a bad love story and a pregnancy when she was still a senior in high school. But rather than get an abortion and move on with her life, she decided she would have the baby and put her up for adoption once she was born. It was a brave move for a 19-year-old, but she was determined to follow through on her decision.

Kaleena’s decision to put the child up for adoption wasn’t strange, it was the right thing to do in her situation as that was the best way to guarantee that her child gets a happy life and the comfort of a stable family that she would not be able to provide for the child on her own. Even if that meant an emotional separation from her baby with no hopes of getting her back she was prepared to go through with it since it was the best thing to do for herself and for her child. However, what was strange about the whole affair was how she went about it. it was so remarkable her actions made headlines.

Days wore into months and her baby finally arrived. Kaleena was given the opportunity to see and hold her daughter for a short while before she was handed over to the couple that would be her parents. The family who have always desired a baby of their own too were excited to receive and take care of the child as their own. For most girls in her situation her work was done. She had delivered the child and could now move on with the rest of her life that has been on hold for the past few months, but for Kaleena some things were not settled yet. She decided to go the Extra-mile and do something unique for her daughter.

Kaleena knew that the best meal for any newborn is the breast milk, especially for the first fragile months of their lives. Since her milk continued to flow even after giving birth to her child Kaleena decided to give the adoptive parents of her daughter, enough milk to ensure that she gets the best of nutrition.

By the time she was going to see her daughter for the second time she had a stockpile of breast milk enough to last the newborn for months. Even though the heartbreak of giving up a child was unimaginable, the fact that Kaleena had the courage to do what was right despite all odds was commendable and even more admirable is her unique act of saving the couple that adopted her child the worries of providing the best food for her child. Despite the fact that she had to give her daughter up, she was still thoughtful enough to give her a remarkable and impressive parting gift which is quite laudable.

You can Learn more about this remarkable teenager’s story and what she did for her daughter in the video below.


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