After Popular Flea Medicine Has Killed Many Dogs, Veterinarian Warns To Throw Yours Out Right Away

After Popular Flea Medicine Has Killed Many Dogs, Veterinarian Warns To Throw Yours Out Right Away


We always want the best for out dogs. We care for their health and their well-being. When pet owners are asked what they dread the most during the summer months, they will only have one answer: Fleas! When fleas attack, we make sure that they get the right medication that can remove these parasites!

Fleas are small dark brown insects who prefers temperatures of 65-80 degrees and humidity levels at 75-85 percent. For some owners, they are more than just a summer problem. If you discover that your dog has fleas, one of the first things that we do is let them take edible flea medication. It is convenient and very effective!

Bravecto is an edible flea medication. It is very powerful that even one dose can kill fleas and ticks and your dog will be flea-free for three months. However, this is currently being questioned because it is blamed for hundreds of dogs’ deaths all around the world.

Jim Strickland, the WSB-TV Consumer Investigator launched an investigation for these allegations that Bravecto is killing dogs. He was able to gather a number of records from different pet owners who believe that this medication caused their dogs’ deaths. According to these pet owners, their dogs experienced symptoms like vomiting, which is a known side effect of the medication. Some also experienced malaise, seizures, and respiratory diseases.

Elizabeth Carney, a veterinarian from Pennsylvania has seen these damages firsthand. She said, “We’re seeing some of these dogs that just seem to crash for lack of a better word.” Carney and also the others petitioned the FDA to add these warnings to Bravecto’s label. However, there is no general agreement among the veterinarians about the dangers of the drug. West Hamryka, a vet from Sugar Hill Animal Hospital in Georgia said that he dispensed about 3,400 doses of the medication and even gave some to his own dog.

Jim Strickland has obtained an FDA report which includes the records of the 355 suspicious deaths that are believed to be connected with the Bravecto since it was released in 2014. Some reports reveal that the medication has been causing problems outside the United States as well. The European officials collected reports of the death of 800 dogs all across the globe.

Merck, the producer of Bravecto claims that this drug is safe but they declined Strickland’s request for an on-camera interview. A company’s spokesperson just sent him an email stating that 34 million doses of medication have been dispensed so far, and the dogs affected by these serious side effects are less than .01%. The FDA is also keeping tabs on the reports of the adverse effects that are related to Bravecto. However, they did not comment on whether they will press Merck to make the necessary changes to its drug labeling.

If you are using Bravecto for your pets, make sure that you consult your veterinarian first to make sure that the potential dangers of the medication are discussed thoroughly. Put your dog’s safety on top of your list first before trying to remove its fleas. Medications like Bravecto can be very effective in removing fleas from our dogs, but given the reports from many pet owners, it is best to be extra careful.


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