Police Solve 1989 Cold Case Murder Of Fawn Cox

Police Solve 1989 Cold Case Murder Of Fawn Cox


Fawn Cox’s death was a decades-old cold case. And after waiting for a very long time, the case has been solved using the latest DNA technology.

Only July 26, 1989, Fawn Cox was murdered in her bedroom. The 16-year-old teen was raped and strangled to her death. Her mother and little sister found her when they heard her alarm, which she usually turns off.

Recalling that painful morning, Felisa Cox, Fawns’ sister said, “I went over to shake her, ‘Come on! Get up!’ But she had been gone for a while.”

Fawn Cox worked at the World of Fun until 11 PM. She then came home and went straight to bed knowing that she had to report for work the next day. According to Felisa, nobody in the family heard anything that night because of the noise coming from the air conditioning units. What they noticed differently was that the family dog was being agitated. But they just thought nothing of it that night since their dog was pregnant.

The authorities’ theory was that the suspect was familiar with the family’s home and personally knew Fawn. He or she was able to quietly slip through her bedroom door in the middle of the night, or early dawn. And because of the air conditioning units, the sounds were muffled.

For decades, Fawn Cox’s family were hoping that advanced DNA testing can help solve the mysterious death of Fawn. They even held fundraising events and spread awareness for the need for advanced testing. In fact, they even offered to pay it for themselves. The authorities also could not figure out who killed the teenager. Still, they remained hopeful. They never gave up in searching for Fawns’ killer.

Then 31 years later, a breakthrough gave the family new hope.

This costly advanced DNA testing would hopefully crack this case. And now, the family finally has the answers that they have been waiting for. According to the Kansas City Police Department, this is the first murder case that was solved using the advanced genetic genealogy technique. This is the same testing that was used to solve the Golden State Killer case.

According to the police, this revelation came in just weeks after they did the advanced genetic genealogy testing. Even though it was too expensive. It was financed by the FBI. The authorities revealed that this advanced DNA testing revealed the rapist and killer – Donald Cox Jr.

Donald Cox Jr. was Fawn Cox’s cousin. He died years ago from an overdose.

During an interview with KCTV, Felicia said, “It’s a relief; there’s closure. The answers aren’t always what we were asking for, but there’s closure.”

Even though this will not bring Fawn back, it would at least put a closure to her tragic death. It has been a painful three decades for the family. But they never gave up. They kept their hopes up even though it seemed so impossible to crack the case. And thankfully, this advanced testing helped the authorities and the family solve the case. Even though Fawns’ rapist and killer, is no longer alive to pay for his crimes, this somehow gave the family the closure that they needed.


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