Police Hear Rumors Of What Man Is Doing To Kids With His Electric Fence, Show Up In A hHurry

Police Hear Rumors Of What Man Is Doing To Kids With His Electric Fence, Show Up In A hHurry


Not many individuals like kids, especially if they have not been taught what respecting other people’s private property means. Parents also have responsibilities to their children. Showing them what’s right and wrong should always be practiced at home. Some people just don’t have the patience with kids and children should be aware of that. Even younger children should know how to respect other people’s boundaries.

Bryan Tucker from Henrico County, Richmond says that he is irritated at school kids especially those who are trespassing on his grass while they are standing in front of his lawn, waiting for their school bus. He said that the reason he installed the fence on Tuesday was that he had an issue a year ago with kids littering and trespassing on his property.

Little did these kids know that this is not your ordinary fence. This fence is meant to teach trespassers a lesson in the most cruel way possible. He whines that he needs to get trash each day and that kids don’t regard other individuals’ property. He says that the “No Trespassing” signs that he posted on his front yard for a considerable length of time have appeared to do nothing so he decided that he needs to do something other than wait for these kids to learn their manners.

His neighbors were in shock to get some answers about why he put up the fence as children assembled at the bus stop for their first day of school. James Mehfoud touched it and he said he felt a literal shock! He told WTVR, “I understand his concern. I just don’t think he understood the neighbors’ concern about their kids. One of them could touch it and get shocked.” He decided to call the police because of this. The fence was actually connected to a solar-powered battery that was just a foot away from the street that he placed on his corner lot.

The community workers and the local police came to look at the property. They found out that the fence was on the county’s right of way and it did not belong to Bryan Tucker. Without an argument, Tucker brought the fence down a couple of hours simply after he put it up. He said, “I went ahead and moved it today because it was not in the right place.” Still, he told CNN that he could return the fence up as long as it’s on his property line which is 18 feet over from the road but he is hoping that he would never have to do that anymore.

“The message has gotten out, I’m pretty sure, to everybody. The point’s gotten across,” Tucker said.

Teaching other people a lesson but knowing that they can get hurt is not really the proper thing to do. It’s a good thing that an adult was able to discover that the fence that Tucker put up was wired. Their concern was what if it was a kid who accidentally touched it? Nobody really can imagine what could have happened. If James Mehfoud felt that shock and he is an adult, a little kid could be hurt if it happened.

What do you think? Was Bryan Tucker really able to get his point across? Or was the electric fence too much?


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