Photo Of Shark Is Going Viral For Devastating Reason. We Need To Stop This Right Away

Photo Of Shark Is Going Viral For Devastating Reason. We Need To Stop This Right Away


Poor trash management is one of the reasons why a huge amount of trash enters our ocean every single day. To date, there have been 275 billion plastic bags created worldwide in 2017 alone. Every second, a monstrous amount of 160,000 plastic bags are being created and used. Before 2018 is over, we will have 5 billion plastic bags used all over the world.

As per ‘The World Count’ of these 5 billion bags, 5 million of them will make their way into the sea either indirectly because of poor waste management, or directly by individuals who don’t have a clue about the huge consequences to the environment from their actions. Moreover, just under 1% of these used plastic bags are being recycled. This is the reason why plastic is the main and the most serious source of pollution in the sea.

A photo of a dogfish went viral, not for any beautiful reason, but the poor creature is stuck inside a piece of Lego! It was caught off the Cornish coast by a fisherman named Ian Jepson who posted the heartbreaking picture on his social media account. It is one of the most disturbing photos that was shared online in the past months. This simply shows how plastic pollution is now a crisis. The plastic is believed to have come from a container that is filled with millions of Lego pieces that fell into the sea of Cornwall way back in 1997.

The container ship that carries these Lego pieces was Tokio Express and was hit by a freak wave while on its way to New York, and the 62 containers that has the Legos was lost overboard, 20 miles off Land’s End. Each container was filled with nearly 4.8 million pieces of Lego and they are still washed up on the beaches in Cornwall.

A concerned citizen from Newquay named Mr. Jepson, 48 years old, shared on Twitter his concerns about the photo of the dogfish. He said, “Plastic pollution in real life at sea. Living a normal healthy life. A dogfish off Cornwall is caught with a Lego piece around it. We see and bring in plastic most days, but this is a first.”

There was also a recent photo that resurfaced which shows a tiny fish trapped inside the finger of a plastic glove on Costa Brava, Spain. The fish sadly suffocated to death. Another photo went viral a few months ago of a decomposed sea turtle wrapped in a plastic net which the experts believed have killed it. ‘Ghost netting’ has been a problem for the past decade and it has affected over 10,000 turtles in Northern Australia alone. The body of the sea turtle has completely decomposed but the plastic netting is still intact around the turtle’s empty shell after a few months.

When The Trash Reaches The Ocean, Where Does It All Go?
When you are at the beach, you may not literally see any trash around you and may wonder if where do all those trillions of plastic pieces go? According to experts, one of the main places where the trash travels to is the North Pacific Ocean Gyre, also known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch.’ Much of the trash that is found in the Great Pacific Ocean is microplastic.

The reason why the trash goes here is that it has the strongest currents compared to the other five ocean gyres. This is also located between the Hawaiian Islands and California. It’s sad to admit but we have to know that the trash from all around the world travels here through the currents, gets sucked into the swirling mass and will remain until it will decompose in time.


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