Photo Of High School Class Is Going Viral

Photo Of High School Class Is Going Viral


If you have ever attended a school that has less than 500 students, then you know that most of the people around the campus would be very familiar to you, especially if they are twins. Having classmates or schoolmates who are twins is something that you will never forget for a very long time. This is why when the officials at the Michigan School that has a student population of 441 learned that they have not one or two, but 14 sets of twins, they can’t help but be proud about it!

UPREP or the Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy that has Grades 6 through 12 is proud to announce that they have 28 twins among their small student body. This also includes faculty members who are twins too! Jessalyn Radden the assistant school principal shared that they have 14 sets of twins and 2 staff members who are twins. She said, “Their twins don’t teach here but they are twins.”

The assistant principal also added that they have a teacher assistant who is also a twin which makes this more amazing. According to her, a total of 6 members of the 35-student senior class are twins. For Radden, it still remains a mystery as to why there are so many sets of twins at their school! “I don’t know! I am waiting to get our triplets or maybe our quads. I love it!

A senior from the said school named Channing Pearson shared that even when you walk through the hallways, there will always be someone coming up to him and ask something and he would be like “What are you talking about?” This is when they would realize that they were asking for his brother and not him. He also shared that it can also be confusing sometimes especially when it comes to sports.

During his interview with WZZM-TV, Pearson shared that just last year they had three sets of twins on their football team. He shared, “So they’d say ‘twin get in’ and it’d be four people running on the field.” It might have been very confusing for everyone at school, but it can be fun to have this much twins around too! Having a kid is a blessing to the family and sure enough, having twins doubles up your blessings!

According to general statistics, the odds of having multiples would be influenced by different factors. The twinning rates have changed throughout the years because of these factors. If you are interested to have twins or multiples in the future, you can increase your chances if the mother is over 35 years old. Remember that the chances of having twins increases with age. Another way to have better chances of conceiving multiples is to have assisted conception. This is when you take fertility drugs or maybe undergo other fertility treatments.

The twin birth rate in the United States alone never really changed drastically over the past years. The most recent statistics were in 2016 where the twin births would be 33.4% per 1,000 live births. It seems like the Michigan School is too lucky this many twins in their student and faculty population. Surely, this is an event that no one would be able to forget pretty soon.


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