Photo Of A Girl Who Lives In A Bucket Went Viral. Here’s The Real Story Behind It (video)

Photo Of A Girl Who Lives In A Bucket Went Viral. Here’s The Real Story Behind It (video)


In life, it’s quite possible and commonly happens that we easily focus on the things that we don’t have and take the little things we have for granted. It is easy to take regular things like walking and moving around all by yourself, but for people without an ability to do these simple things, they know what it feels like to live every day dependent on others. When the temptation to become unappreciative for the little things of life hits, a simple look at the story of someone like Rahma Haruna will give you a jolt of the harsh reality of life.

Born in Kano State, Nigeria, Rahma was just like any other little girl until she wasn’t. her mother suddenly noticed that about six months she stopped growing and was unable to go through the regular stages you would expect a little baby to go through like crawling or even getting to walk. Then her limbs began to hurt until she eventually lost them and other health complications set in.

To survive and move around, Rahma had to be placed in a plastic bucket which was carried around by her family members. Her family wasn’t rich enough to pay for standard medical care for her but spent all they could afford to get a cure for her unsuccessfully. Her poor father who was a farmer and trader sent close to a million naira trying to find a cure for the mysterious condition that was never diagnosed. It was a really big challenge for the family but they never stopped loving her and caring for her.

Rahma’s condition was brought to the attention of the whole world by local journalist Sani Mikatanga who heard about her story and shared it online and the story went Viral. Gaining so much popularity that some amount of help began to trickle in for Rahma from different people who reached out to render assistance and provide resources to her in various forms. Still, despite the increased attention to her plight, the real medical cause of her condition or even a possible cure was never found.

Due to her conditions, Rahma had to rely on her family members to do the most basic of things as she was unable to do them herself. Her brother, Fahad would carry her about in the plastic bucket pushed on a wheelchair and would take her to see relatives because he knew that was one of the things that brought joy to her.

But the young lady remained undaunted by her plight. Despite living such a tough life, it’s hard to imagine that someone like Rahma would have such a positive outlook on life. She was very grateful for life, for her family and all that they did for and even had great hopes for the future, she had an ambitious dream of one day owning her own grocery store.

Sadly, the inspirational story of Rahma Haruna has a very sad ending indeed. At 19 years on Christmas day of 2016, Rahma passed away after a short illness. Throughout her short life and sadly unfortunate life, the 19-year old managed to maintain a positive outlook on life despite her terrible state. It was quite unfortunate that she was unable to live on to fulfill her dreams. Yet her story is truly an inspiration to all who have heard it and continues to awe many till today.


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