Some People Take Their Nail Art Too Far

Some People Take Their Nail Art Too Far


Through the years, nail art has come a long way. There are now plenty of designs and styles to choose from. For someone who is using their hands a lot throughout the day, nail art doesn’t make sense to them. But for those who love fashion and beauty, there is a new trend in nail art that they are loving. However, this new nail art style is probably not for everybody.

For an average person who does a lot of errands and chores during the day, living with extremely long nails is not practical. Super long nails can limit your physical capabilities, especially if you are maintaining long, fancy nails. However, many found that following this nail art trend makes them easily express themselves artistically. This is why it is also fair to give this the appreciation that it rightfully deserves.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, try to think if you have come across a #longtoenails hashtag on social media recently. If you haven’t, then you should know that this is the trendy nail art that’s been taking over the internet these days. This is where people grow out their toenails!

We are used to seeing long fingernails with pretty bling and nail art. Some of them are fake nails while others are real. Most of them look pretty. We know that this is not for an average person who has to wash dishes, cook, or type on a keyboard as part of their daily lives. We usually see them on popular artists and celebrities these days. Many of them sport long fingernails as part of their fashion trend.

But can you possibly stomach the thought of toenails that are an inch or two long? Yes, this is what the #longtoenails trend is all about!

Do people think about how they can live with long toenails? Is it practical and safe? Aren’t they worried that they are going to trip and snag these claw-like toenails accidentally? This made a lot of people cringe just thinking about it. That must be hundreds of times more painful than what you experience with short toenails.

Well to be fair, not all of these long-toenail photos are extremely lengthy. Some of them are at a subtle length that enough to not make them accidentally trip over it. They have nails that are just enough to give it a pretty sight. If you come across some of these images, you might miss the fact that they are longer than regular toenails. But we have to admit, they look pretty. They can look sexy as long as they are not overly lengthy.

When some have gone subtle with the length of their long toenails, others have gone all out to the point that their toenails look like claws on their feet! Many of them admit that they have to wear sandals or shoes that are 2 sizes bigger than their actual size. Some of them have their toenails hanging over the edge of their sandals which makes it look extremely dangerous. Can they still walk around normally on that footwear?

That’s the question that we can’t answer. But why don’t you check out these #longtonails images online and find out if you can live with these long toenails?


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