People Can’t Stop Laughing Seeing The Sticker Police Added To One Of Their Squad Cars

People Can’t Stop Laughing Seeing The Sticker Police Added To One Of Their Squad Cars


A vehicle which was seized by the police following the arrest of its drug dealer owner and converted into a police vehicle has thrown social media into frenzy over it. What made the car popular isn’t just the fact that it was seized from a former drug lord, but the inscription that the police department decided to put on the car after repurposing it into a police vehicle.

The fancy truck in question once belonged to a drug dealer popularly referred to as “candy man”. He drove the vehicle all around town and had evaded arrest so many times until the police finally got enough evidence to put him behind bars for good. After his arrest, his truck was seized and the police force decided to put it to good use and repurposed it into a police car. But the best part of the whole thing that is getting everyone talking is the humorous inscription the cops decided to write on the back of the truck which reads:

“This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car”

Someone took a photo of the inscription on the truck and shared it online and it quickly went viral with numerous comments praising the police force for the daring but hilarious message about messing with the long arms of the law.

One newsiosity reader who commented on the post on Facebook wrote:
“That’s what I’m talking about,”
“GOD BLESS Our police!” another wrote.
“The punk deserved it,” another added.

This case isn’t the first time a car that was synonymous with crime in the past was being repurposed as a police vehicle. A police department in New Braunfels, in Texas also seized a corvette and repurposed it for officers of the department to drive. The car was even given a cool and Fancy name “Coptimus Prime” the department posted a picture of the car with the caption.

“Coptimus Prime, the NBPD’s Corvette that was seized from a drug dealer, is doing its job gaining the attention of the community thanks to a number of recent media stories!” the department wrote in a Facebook post that included a photo of the high-end car.

The Corvette which was re-wrapped as a police car and presented to the community in the year 2015 was meant to be later sold at auction to raise money for funding community outreach programs of the police department. However, pending its sale, the car would be serving other purposes in the community as well. The department in the Facebook post explaining the purpose of the car stated:

“there are no current plans to take the vehicle to auction. When we do have those plans, though, we’ll be sure to let everyone know! Meanwhile, Coptimus Prime will continue to make appearances at local schools, in local parades, and at community events…sparking conversation with kids and adults alike, providing the public with a way to have an interaction with a police officer that isn’t getting a ticket or dealing with some other criminal situation”

Just like the first case, the police department is being applauded for their move with the Corvette. One reader commented:

“Man, y’all need to have a young, tall handsome officer in Ray Ban’s and full uniform driving that thing,”

“Would make a really fine unmarked unit,” another wrote.

Another generous user wrote

“On behalf of my employer Corsa Performance Exhaust, I am honored to donate one of our exhaust kits we produce for the ZO6 Coptimus Prime,” another added.


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