People Are Now Drinking Toilet Water Because Of Global Warming

People Are Now Drinking Toilet Water Because Of Global Warming


What would you say If after drinking a bottle of water you are told that what you just drank is toilet water? You’d probably puke if you could. But while the normal reaction to even the thought of drinking toilet water to be disgust, scientists are now saying we should start seeing the pool of water in our white bowl differently.

daily mall reports that according to a recent research scientists are now saying that “people have to accept drinking water that comes directly from toilets.” We all know how disgusting that idea is. But these scientists seem to be saying that we may have to drink filtered toilet water very soon. Which is considered to be just as safe as bottled water from your local supermarket.

Although the scientists are claiming this is the future, they have to have a very good argument before they can convince anyone to try toilet water.
The study which was carried out by scientists at the University of California reached the conclusion that recycled b toilet water tastes just like bottled water and is actually better for you as well. They came to the conclusion after about 150 volunteers tested unlabelled water from different sources. Among the bottle of water was waster from the tap, bottled water as well as recycled sewage water which ended up being ranked as the best tasting. While tap water was surprisingly ranked last.

“The groundwater-based water was not as well liked as IDR or bottled water,” Mary Guavain, co-author of the study, said. “We think that happened because IDR and bottled water go through remarkably similar treatment processes.”

Daniel Harmon who is the lead author of the study says although the idea of drinking “wastewater” sounds gross now, which is why a lot of people will not want to willingly try it, there is a very good chance that that source of water may very well become quite popular in the coming decades. Which is why people should start learning to accept it now.
“It is important to make recycled water less scary to people who are concerned about it, as it is an important source of water now and in the future,” he said.

With the current rate of global warming, there are no indications that the current drought currently being experienced in California will improve any time soon, which further raises concerns about the possibility of water shortage in the nearest future. But this problem of water shortage isn’t peculiar to California, in fact, according to the Daily Mail, about two-thirds of the world’s total population doesn’t have access to enough safe drinking water.

But this might really not be as scary as it seems since bottled water passes through the same treatment process that sewage water goes through too. so while we hope to still have enough fresh water to support the world’s ever-growing population, we may still take consolation in the fact that there are other options that the world might turn to in coming years as time changes.

Time is changing rapidly and the toilet water might sound like an appalling option today may very well become the water of the future. The earlier we learn to accept that possibility the easier it will be to live with it if it finally happens.


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