People Are Annoyed Their Flight Is Delayed, But Pay Close Attention To The 4 Men In Front

People Are Annoyed Their Flight Is Delayed, But Pay Close Attention To The 4 Men In Front


A delayed flight is one of the things that you never want to experience while you are traveling. Waiting for long hours for any reason can be frustrating. However, if you are with the right people, the experience won’t be that hard to manage.

A flight attendant named Kari Mann was just talking to the passengers after the plane to New Orleans was delayed for maintenance issues when she realized that they had a barbershop quartet on board, the Port City Sound!

Port City Sound is an award-winning and entertaining barbershop quartet. This is composed of Fred Moore in tenor, Walt Dowling as the lead, Jim Curtis for Baritone, and Jim Simpson for the Bass. With a combined barbershop experience of well over 100 years, Port City Sound is the youngest seniors quartet around.

A ‘barbershop’ quartet is a group of four singers who are singing music in the ‘barbershop genre’ of singing. They commonly use a four-part harmony without using an accompaniment or by a capella. This consists of a lead which is the vocal part that carries the melody or the tune, a bass that provides the bass line to the melody, a tenor who harmonizes above the lead, and lastly the baritone who completes the chord with the tune that is not being sung by the lead, tenor, or the bass singers.

Kari knows that music can definitely lighten up a mood in any given situation so she asked the four men to sing something. She shared that once the men started singing, most of the passengers began taking videos of them! She decided to share her own recorded video of the quartet and posted it on YouTube. The video has gone viral and it now has over 8 million views! Her caption says:

“It was such a great moment… The mood changed and our passengers were awesome for the whole 5 hours they were on the plane! One of my favorite moments!!! Thank you to Port City Sound for creating a wonderful memory!!!”

Many people commented on the video, expressing how amazed they are of this simple act of kindness. One of the written comments said, “Well if I’m ever stuck on a plane… I hope these guys are on it! Now that was cool!” Another comment said, “Why can’t they have people like this on every plane.”

Music And Stress
Music can greatly affect both our feelings and our body. Faster music can influence you to feel be more alert and think better. Upbeat music can influence you to feel more idealistic and positive. A slower rhythm can calm your brain and loosen up your muscles, influencing you to feel relieved while discharging the worry of the day. Music is powerful for relaxation and stress management.

According to current findings, music that is around 60 beats per minute would be able to cause the brain to synchronize with the beat and cause alpha brain waves. These brain waves are present when we are more relaxed and conscious. If you want to sleep better, you need to devote at least 45 minutes in a relaxed position, listening to calming music.

The Port City Sound was surely able to change the mood that day. If not for the clever and quick thinking of Kari Mann, that delayed flight would have been more chaotic. But because of music from this barbershop quartet, everyone was more patient and understanding of the situation.


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