People Have $1 Bills In Their Wallets That Are Worth Thousands. Here’s What To Look For

People Have $1 Bills In Their Wallets That Are Worth Thousands. Here’s What To Look For


Every dollar is important these days because earning money is not an easy thing to do. However, many people are considering the dollar bills to be useless and the only time that it can be used is when you are riding a bus or you need a change for your parking meter. These $1 bills are sometimes just blowing with the wind in the streets and nobody bothers to pick them up.

However, recent news is that these dollar bills that you might have stashed in your drawer can be worth $5,000 up to $15,000! If this is true, you might start looking at these $1 bills differently and put more importance on them than what we are doing today. Now, this might already pique your interest. So how can you get rich with just a dollar bill? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Be Mindful Of The Patterns

The serial numbers are printed on the dollar bills and these are the ones that you should take notice of if you want to get as much as $15,000 on a single dollar. The Powerball drawing of 14, 20, 42,49, 66, 05 is just like 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06. There is a chance that both of these can come up in the random drawing and the same goes when it comes to the serial number on the dollar bills. There are collectors all over the world who would be willing to pay a huge amount of money if you can give them a dollar bill that has rare serial number sequences on them.

You need to know that the serial numbers are not at all random and similar to the lottery drawing, they also have characteristics that makes it possible for you to have on your dollar bill right now. The shared a complete list of the serial numbers on the one dollar bills where they would be willing to pay a huge amount of money. It can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the serial number of the dollar bill that you have.

Some Of The Serial Numbers Included In The “Want List”

The same number where it appears 7 times in a row. Ex. 29999999
Seven of the same number. Ex. 99990999
Super radars. Examples: 01111110, 10000001, or 80000008
Repeaters. Ex. 67676767
Double Quads. Ex. 11110000
0 and 9 Binaries Ex. 00090000
1 and 8 Binaries Ex. 81188118

According to the site, “We are always looking for other cool stuff.” The site says that if you ever come across with a rare serial number on your dollar bill, get in touch with them as soon as possible and check out what they can offer. Rare Dollar Bill collectors are not as popular as Coin Collectors but through the years, they are slowly getting into the mainstream. It is time to check out your pockets and your old stash of one dollar bills and find out if you have one of the coolest serial numbers that the site has been looking for.

With this modern day of electronic transactions, dollar bills are taken for granted. But do not be like the others and be mindful of that one dollar bill that you come across with. Who knows you might find one of the rarest serial number sequence just inside your pocket that might be worth thousands of dollars!


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