Parents Who Killed Their 10-Year-Old For No Reason Will Face Justice

Parents Who Killed Their 10-Year-Old For No Reason Will Face Justice


We know most mothers to have a loving heart. Their kids can be unruly at times, but they always have an extra dose of patience for their little ones. No matter how stubborn they can get at times, moms will always understand. They will discipline but not to the point of beating them up until they die.

Sadly, this little boy did not have the same treatment from her mom and her boyfriend.

Anthony Avalos, a 10-year-old boy was tortured by his own mother, Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva. He was subjected to all kinds of torture that any cruel person can think of. They did this up to such point that the boy died because of their cruelty.

According to reports, the abuse started since 2013. These parents would slam the boy on the ground, beat him up with a belt on his feet, and would even pour hot sauce all over his face. They would also hang him upside down and force him to kneel on rice. The worst thing that they ever did to the child was to sexually harass him. Anthony died on June 21, 2019.

The prosecutors told the jury that he was beaten up regularly before he passed away on June 21st. The investigation revealed that there were 88 claims of abuse since 2013 and 15 of the claims were substantiated. Two of these involved claims of sexual abuse. The week before he lost consciousness and died, his mom tortured her own son.
Jonathan Hatami, the Deputy District Attorney reported that other than the kinds of torture mentioned above, there’s more. Aside from physical abuse, they would also switch between withholding his food for longer periods of time and force-feeding him.

The boys’ siblings shared that the torture began long way before he died. They were also subjected to the same kind of treatment. Hatami revealed that the mom’s boyfriend would also hit the children with a hose and force them to squat against a wall for long periods of time while he throws dirty diapers at them. In fact, he calls this torture the ‘captain’s chair.’

Aside from Anthony, Levia would also hit their younger brother. There was one point when he hit him so hard that the boy was rushed to the hospital since he needed staples to close the wound on his head. This information leads to an additional charge of child abuse against Barron and Levia.

According to the lawyers defending these two, they are innocent. Dan Chambers who is representing Levia explained that the first layer of defense is what they have to get through the records. He also added that there is a ‘mountain’ of evidence that can prove that his client is innocent.

Barron’s brother expressed that it doesn’t matter if his sister gets either the death penalty of life in prison without parole. As long as she doesn’t walk free without paying for what she did to her own child, that’s all that matters to him. He added, “We want a full-blown investigation! How many more kids need to die?” His wife, Maria, also added that they have had enough. She even praised the prosecutors for filing new charges upon finding out what her sister-in-law did to the other children.


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