Parent Yells At Teacher To Come Outside, When She Sees Why She Screams “Are You Serious”

Parent Yells At Teacher To Come Outside, When She Sees Why She Screams “Are You Serious”


For many rich people, being wealthy to them simply meant being able to afford some extra flashy things for themselves simply because they can afford it, but for Courtney Adeleye, she considered it as an opportunity to help out people with every opportunity she finds.

Such an opportunity presented itself when she heard that one of the teachers who taught her daughter in school was in dire financial need. Courtney who is the CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair products decided to do something to help the teacher.

Courtney had heard that the teacher who couldn’t afford a car has been making use of public transportation to get to the school and back home every day. The uncomfortable routine added hours to her already busy schedule. When Courtney got to hear about it she desperately wanted to help this teacher and discussed with her husband on what they could do.

After turning the matter over several times, the couple finally decided on what they could do for their daughter’s teacher. They decided to buy a brand new car for her. While a car was a pretty big purchase, the couple knew they could afford it and also knew it could change this woman’s life forever if they could get it.

The couple went to the lot and picked out a very beautiful car. They then wrapped the new car they bought with a bright blue ribbon and set out to give the teacher this lovely gift. Courtney was still nervous about her gift though, she had no idea how the teacher would react. There was still a chance that she would be offended by this kind woman’s gesture and Courtney didn’t want that at all. However, she decided to carry on with the surprise.

Courtney’s daughter captured the moment they presented the gift on camera and shared it on social media with the caption:

“When my husband tells me that the teacher who has been teaching my girls for the last few years has been catching multiple buses to get to and from work every day in the hot sun and cold! He said we should give her something I said… say no more! When you ask me to define success… this is my response!”

Unlike what many rich people would do, this woman would rather use her wealth to help others rather than spend it on frivolities. The moment Courtney handed the teacher the gift and told her the car was hers, the woman broke down in tears. This was an expected gift and a miracle she desperately needed but never anticipated. She hugged Courtney close obviously grateful for this unexpected and life-changing gift.

“No more sitting in the cold, no more riding the bus, no more waiting on somebody to come and pick me up!” she said.

Courtney gift wasn’t a pay later package, she was giving his woman this cool new ride for life. All expenses have been paid off completely by Courtney and her husband. The world definitely needs more Courtneys. With more people like her shedding light on other’s path, the world will most definitely be a less gloomy place to stay. Watch the video below to see the teacher’s reaction when Courtney gave her the key to her new ride, it will motivate you to want to put a smile on the face of others.


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