Owner Records Dogs Reactions After Leaving Them With 2,000 Tennis Balls At Home

Owner Records Dogs Reactions After Leaving Them With 2,000 Tennis Balls At Home


Owner Records Dogs Reactions After Leaving Them With 2,000 Tennis Balls At Home

Kakoa and Sky are celebrities on the internet. Their owner set up a YouTube channel for them called “My Mountain Husky.” With more than 2 million subscribers, these two dogs bring smiles and good vibes to their fans. On their YouTube channel, their owner uploads videos of them doing fun dog stuff. And like other celebrity dogs, Kakoa and Sky are also popular on Instagram having more than 36k followers.

According to their owner, Kakoa is an Agouti Siberian Husky, while Sky is a black/white Siberian Husky. These two beautiful dogs have dozens of videos on YouTube that have more than 510 million views in all.

When their owner left them alone in a room full of tennis balls, it became one of their most popular videos on YouTube. He wanted to know what the dogs’ reactions would be when they are left alone with thousands of tennis balls to play with. You know how dogs love to play with any kind of ball. And to be surrounded by thousands is definitely a dream come true, that’s for sure.

The owner filmed as he brought in and released 2,000 tennis balls to his Nevada home. He scattered them in the living room where the dogs love to play. He then gets the huskies inside to start his plan. Once he brings the dogs inside, he takes them to the front door and explains that he will leave for a while. The dogs were looking at him as if they understood what he just said. Then he tells them to be good boys.

He made sure that each angle is captured so he set up three cameras to film the dogs as they go around the house. He also used a GoPro and attached it to Sky to make sure that he didn’t miss any of the action. Then once he was sure that everything was set, he closed the door behind them and left.

As soon as he closed the door, the dogs looked a little puzzled. They probably sensed that something was up but wasn’t able to figure it out yet.

They started to move towards the living room. That’s where they saw the tennis balls!

They approached the green balls cautiously but didn’t play with them yet. They went back to the door to double-check that dad had really left. They stayed by the door for some time and then returned to the living room.

Kakoa can be seen coaxing Sky to play with him. But they decided to return to the door again and wait for dad.

When their owner returned, they were very happy to see him. Didn’t know what went on when he was gone, he takes the two to the living room. Kakoa and Sky instantly start jumping and racing around, chasing the balls that their owner has been throwing. And with dad, Kakoa and Sky started to play. Well, they surely enjoyed these balls this time that dad is around.

The video went viral almost immediately after it was posted online, garnering over 5.6 million views and 73k likes. Users on YouTube were in awe at how the dogs reacted to the balls. Several of them also commented on the video saying that ‘fun’ is way better with hoomans.


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