Owner Dumps Dog In The Trash So She Can Move In With Her Boyfriend

Owner Dumps Dog In The Trash So She Can Move In With Her Boyfriend


If you have a dog and you need to move into a new home, you know that your dog is your responsibility. Either you bring the dog with you (which most of us do!), or you have the pooch adopted. As the owner, you need to make sure that you think about the welfare of your pet before anything else.

However, moving is not easy. Sometimes you need to leave some old stuff behind. Of course, you cannot take your old and abused furniture and appliances, you throw away the things that you don’t need anymore, or you keep the ones that you cannot bring in storage. Your new life is waving at you and you need to de-clutter.

But what’s going to happen to your pet?

If you are the type of person who cares about your pet, or animals the least, then you know what’s the right thing to do. Even an unwanted pet should be taken to a shelter or a vet who can take good care of them. Or better yet, find them a new family so you can be sure that they are in good hands.

Sadly, this is not what happened to this dog.

A woman named Nicole Baker from Pennsylvania did something that a lot of people did not expect a sane human being could do. She had a dog, “Mia,” and she decided that the pooch did not fit her new life anymore. She will be having a new and happy life with her boyfriend. So instead of bringing Mia along with her, she dumped her in the trash.

Baker did not want to bring Mia with her when she moves in with her boyfriend. So instead of doing the right thing, she packed her beautiful dog in a trash bag, closed it, and dumped it in the trash can. She probably knows that Mia is going to slowly die in that state, but it seems like she didn’t really care.

Baker’s friends repeatedly asked her if they can take Mia when she moves in with her boyfriend, but she reassured them that there is nothing to worry about. That she will make sure that Mia would be moving to a new family or to a shelter as well. However, this did not happen. Instead, she did the unthinkable – starvation or suffocation inside that trash bag.

Thankfully, Nathan BInne, who is working with the local sanitation service found Mia sometime later. During an interview with the local news, he said, “It was shocking to see an animal like that, and I just wanna make sure everything’s okay.”

The dog was rescued and The Humane Society of Westmoreland County took her in. And at the same time, they made sure that the police were informed about what happened. This way, proper actions will be taken and the owner would be identified and charged for what she did to Mia.

Mia, who is now called “Fawna” is living a better life. After she was rescued, she was treated with love and affection by the shelter staff. And later on, she was adopted by Megan who is a vet tech with the humane society. Thanks for the help of these kind people, Mia is now living a happy life and just leaving the traumatic past behind her.


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