Orphan With Silver Eyes Unwanted Until Woman Sees Her Photo And Makes Sudden Realization

Orphan With Silver Eyes Unwanted Until Woman Sees Her Photo And Makes Sudden Realization


When little Primrose was born in her village in China, she was immediately diagnosed with a rare childhood disease called congenital glaucoma. This meant that her eyes had not developed well before she was born and she could not see well. She also had a hearing disability. The state then placed her in an orphanage where she was put up for adoption.

Primrose did not receive the urgent treatment that she required and her beautiful baby eyes gradually turned silver. This hindered her from being adopted as the other children in her orphanage because no one wanted this silver-eyed baby.

She stayed at the orphanage for two years as her friends got adopted and left her behind. To make it worse, she was very delicate, barely strong enough even to sit straight. Growing up there was a struggle.

Luckily, Chris and Eryn Austin, a young couple from Georgia came across her photo on Facebook and immediately fell in love with her. Eryn took one look at the child and knew that she had to have her. She could not describe why she felt that way. It felt like the girl had been waiting for them to find her.

The couple did not hesitate. They had two other children, but they felt compelled to adopt Primrose and give her all the love she had missed out on when she was at the orphanage. They filed for adoption, and a few weeks later, they flew to China to meet the newest member of their family who they happily brought home.

Little Primrose has been living happily ever since. She has had all the love she could get from her new mom and dad. She is now a bubbly little girl, growing up like any other normal child. Her new siblings are constantly checking up on her, caring for her as if she was their blood sister.

Chris said that he and his wife are determined to bring her up with as much love as they can. He commented that he does not find anything wrong with being blind. He pointed out that whenever people found out that Primrose could not see they would say sorry, and he did not understand why.

Congenital glaucoma, also referred to as childhood glaucoma is a childhood eye condition that is usually diagnosed within the first year after birth. It is either inherited from the mother (or in families that have a history of the condition) or caused by improper development of the eye drainage system before birth.

The clearest and earliest signs of childhood glaucoma include excessive tear production, extreme sensitivity to light, abnormally large eyes, cloudy eyes (which makes them appear silverish), and random shutting or squeezing of eyelids.

Primrose would not have lost her sight completely if she had been given access to good medical care immediately after she was diagnosed with the condition. The couple, however, has taken a giant step to grant her this medical attention that she had been deprived. Although it may not restore her lost sight, it will help her optimize the little remaining vision.

The ultimate goal of care for childhood glaucoma patients such as Primrose it to ensure that they gain independence and also enable them to participate fully in their self-care. It is not a life-threatening condition. In regards to it, Primrose will live a full life with no further complications resulting from glaucoma.



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