One Of The Smallest Premie Babies Ever Has Just Turned One

One Of The Smallest Premie Babies Ever Has Just Turned One


Baby Born At 24 Weeks Now Celebrates Her First Birthday!

When a child is born premature, there is that fear that what if they will not be able to survive? If they do, will they be able to live a normal life as other kids do? Will they be able to develop fully?

These are the concerns that a mother had when Amina was born.

When Taylor Dobson gave birth, Amina had a heart defect and a brain bleed. The doctors told her that there is a huge possibility that Amina will not be able to survive. But Amina proved them all wrong!

This brave little girl never stopped fighting to live even though she spent the first 10 weeks fo her life in the hospital. While she was there, the doctors did something out of the ordinary to keep her safe – a sandwich bag!

Taylor shared that the night before she gave birth to Amina, she was admitted tho the labor ward. She was told that she already had contractions but they would try to stop them because it was too early for Amina to be born. They tried to keep her inside using magnesium for the next 24 hours. They assured Taylor that this would stop the labor from happening.

She was then admitted at around 5 o’clock that afternoon and the contractions never stopped. They only kept getting closer and closer the entire night. By 9 o’clock the next morning, the doctor came in and did an ultrasound of her daughter. In fact, the baby seemed excited to come out. She was kicking herself out of Taylor’s cervix.

Taylor shared, “They told me I had an infection and that she needed to be delivered via an emergency C-section immediately or she was at risk of catching it too.”

When she was born, the doctors immediately took Amina and placed her in the NICU so that she would be hooked up to breathing tubes. During that time, all Taylor could do was pray for her daughter.

“She was placed in the plastic sandwich bag to keep her warm because it helps mimic the mum’s womb.”

Four days following her delivery, Taylor was finally able to see her daughter for the first time. It was one of the best moments of her life. She shared that Amina spent the next 5 days intubated using a ventilator before they moved her to a CPAP breathing machine. After she was placed on CPAP, this was when the mom was able to hold her and do skin-to-skin every day.

Taylor made sure that she would always have time to come by to the hospital two to four times a day. In her first few days, Amina did well. But the doctors call this the ‘honeymoon stage.’ This is when things are good for Amina, but Taylor should expect that it could go bad after that. Thankfully she survived!

Amina was released from the hospital but she only weighed three pounds. Every day, Taylor can see improvements. Since she has been home, Amina thrived. She no longer needed to see a cardiologist, an optomologist, or any specialty doctor. Now, Amina is as healthy as her mom prayed for her to be.

After all her struggles, Amina on her first birthday proved to her doctors and to everyone that she will never stop fighting to live!


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