Nurses Are Fired On The Spot

Nurses Are Fired On The Spot


We have huge respect for nurses because of their passion for helping others at times that we are weak and ill. They play a very important role in a patients’ life. When a mom gives birth, the baby is then handed to the nurse who will take care of the newborn. Parents expect for them to be cared for and to be handled with love. These nurses decided to film themselves doing the unthinkable to a newborn baby. This gained instant worldwide attention for all the wrong reasons!

The nurses on the viral video left everyone in outrage after they were seen squishing the newborns’ face!

The family of this baby found out about how these Saudi nurses treated their child after it was shared on social media. In the video, one of the nurses can be seen repeatedly grabbing the baby by the neck and forehead. Then she proceeded to squish the baby’s face. The other nurses were laughing as one of them are doing this cruel act. They even had the nerve to film themselves while doing this to the hospitalized baby.

The newborns’ dad told the media that his baby was hospitalized at the said hospital for ten days because of a urinary tract infection. He was outraged when he saw the video and even got more upset upon learning that this is now circulating the social media platforms! He wants these nurses, as well as those who spread the video to be punished.

But their cruelty is going to end here.

It was later on revealed that these nurses were working at the maternity ward in the city of Taif that is located in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. Thankfully, they were quickly identified and located. According to the Taif Health Affairs spokesperson, Abdukhadi Al-Rabie, the Health Affairs has already investigated the source of the video. They were able to identify these nurses who appeared on the said video as well as the hospital where this incident took place.

Once these nurses were identified, they were immediately suspended from their positions. Their identities are still being kept private but their licenses were revoked and banned from practicing nursing even in other health departments. Because of this, Walid Al-Zahrani, a Saudi journalist took action for these nurses to be named and prosecuted. By putting them in the public eye, the journalist is hoping that they will understand that a persons’ life is not a joke.

Many have suggested for the hospital to set up CCTV cameras to prevent the similar cruelty to happen in the future. The Taif Affairs spokesperson revealed that if these nurses are found guilty of the documented abuse in the video, they will be facing severe penalties for their actions. This instance might have been a shocking content in social media, but this allowed the authorities to remove these abusive people from their positions.

They do not deserve their nurses’ caps and their license to treat people. Nurses should be caring and looking after their patients’ well-being – including the babies. These little angels are defenseless and they are the most vulnerable in this kind of abuse. As a parent, you should never feel unsafe in leaving your child in the hands of a medical professional.


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