Not Even The Doctor Couldn’t Believe His Eyes During These Twin Babies’ First Moments

Not Even The Doctor Couldn’t Believe His Eyes During These Twin Babies’ First Moments


There is definitely something special about the bond between twins and it’s not surprising considering they spend nine months sharing the same living space if very close quarters. They grow together side by side and enter the world just minutes or seconds apart. From the moment they are conceived, most sets of twins are inseparable for good reason.

One set of twin boys recently came into the world and they made it clear just how connected they are to one another. As soon as one of the boys was picked up by the nurse, both boys started screaming, as if they couldn’t bear to be separated. Maybe Weston and Caleb felt that first sense of loneliness and they lost that comfort that is associated with being surrounded by your closest friends and family members. As soon as Weston was brought back to Caleb and placed by his side, both boys stopped crying again.

It only makes sense as we naturally get used to being around certain people in certain environments so it’s not surprising that they would be disagreeable when they were pulled apart.

As soon as the boys’ father, Dane, witnessed this first bond between Weston and Caleb, he couldn’t help but tear up a bit. Luckily he managed to capture the moment on film so his wife was able to witness it when she woke up.

Dane and his wife Lisa have one wish and that is for the boys to become good friends and always support one another. Little did they know, they would get a chance to witness this bond just minutes after they were born.

Even the doctor admitted that the moment was beautiful and he was taken aback by it.

In the video below, you can see for yourself just how strong the bond between twins is.

Surely these two boys will have many more milestones to share. Having a twin is truly like having a built-in best friend for life and based on how these two boys behaved when they were separated the first time, they are sure to stick side by side going through life.

Believe it or not, twins starting learning about the importance of their bond while they are still in utero, as there is already a lot of working together in a very small space. Their bodies are growing and fitting together in the womb like puzzle pieces which is a miracle itself.

Only 3.3% of births result in twins, which makes these bonds even harder to find. Parents of twins have shared stories about the bond between these tight-knit siblings and several have witnessed it at a very young age. One mom of twin girls shared that if one of her girls wakes up first from a nap, she will wait in bed until the other one is up, and then they will get out of bed together. In other sweet bonding moments, these two girls can often be seen covering each other up with blankets or give each other their designated sippy cups.


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