New M&M Flavor Exclusively Sold At Target Sells Out As Soon As It’s Placed On The Shelf

New M&M Flavor Exclusively Sold At Target Sells Out As Soon As It’s Placed On The Shelf


As usual, M&Ms have done it again.

There isn’t a season that can be qualified to be called one if there is no involvement of a special edition o M&Ms. The popular chocolate candy company has made a name for themselves, especially for always finding ways to come out with a wide array of fun flavors that can match holidays and different seasons in the year. For instance, they have their pumpkin spice flavored candies that accompany the fall season, and there is also the red and green variety that is significant of– yes, you guessed it right- Christmas.

However, what about a favor that is able to get users excited in-between the seasons of fall and Christmas? Over the years, it has always seemed like M&Ms have refused to release a flavor that works for when people are getting prepared to welcome the winter season, but are still also dealing with raking those annoying leaves.
Well, all of that is about to change now.

Say hello to a new all delicious limited variety from the good people at M&Ms; the Hot Cocoa M&Ms.
We’ll do you the favor of pausing for a moment here while you try to get the drool off your mouth.
Done yet? Ok, we’ll wait some more.

Yes, you saw that right. This little piece of chocolate will be able to produce the delightful flavors that you will get from your favorite comfy winter beverage.
Whenever the thought of hot cocoa comes to your mind, you most probably think of a wide array of decadent chocolate flavors that have been expertly combined with the creaminess that comes with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Well, this kind of mouth-watering combination I exactly what the good people at M&Ms are aiming to emulate by releasing this delightful new flavor.
Has your mouth gotten rid of all the drool yet?

No? Ok, let’s pause a little bit.

Hot Cocoa M&Ms actually make use of real marshmallow cream in order to achieve that creamy taste that we think of whenever the thought of hot cocoa comes to our minds. The center has a flavor of white chocolate marshmallow, and it is covered with sweet milk chocolate and the always crunchy coating of candy around it. This means that when you’re snacking on this beauty, it will be basically like you’re taking in a mug of hot cocoa, except that this one doesn’t have any mug for you to drink from.

However, there’s a little bit of a catch to this. Apparently, the Hot Cocoa M&Ms are highly exclusive and as such, they will only be available at Target stores. Nowhere else will have the privilege of selling these M&Ms for now, and they will only start making their way to the shelves of stores between the beginning and the middle of November. So run, and stop talking! You will definitely want to get your hands on these exclusive candy offerings now while they’re available. You definitely don’t want to get told how awesome they are when they’ve sold out.

Just as it usually is with them, M&Ms have managed to stretch our imagination and blow our minds once again. We all can’t help but want to just curl up by the fire with a blanket and a good book while having the pleasure of snacking on these.


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