Here Is Why You Should Never Pour Pickle Juice Down The Drain

Here Is Why You Should Never Pour Pickle Juice Down The Drain


Have you ever saved your old pickle juice? I guess not!

For sure, you cannot count how many times you discarded your pickle juice after finishing the entire jar of goodness. We’ve all done it because nobody really likes to drink the pickle juice.

However, there is a new discovery that you should keep this liquid!

There are numerous uses for pickle juice and you probably never thought of these reasons to be possible. If you are one of us, then check out these ideas on how to recycle your old pickle juice to avoid throwing it all away.

A Cure For Hangover.
Sure there are plenty of hangover remedies, but drinking pickle juice after a heavy night out can actually stop your hangover before it gets worse. So before you head off to sleep, drink it and see how it magically kicks off your hangover blues.

Calm Your Tummy.
If you feel like your stomach is “off” then drink your pickle juice to help neutralize your sour stomach that can be due to a stomach virus or morning sickness. This is also a perfect remedy if you are suffering from heartburn and indigestion. Just take a sip of your old pickle juice and bring back the balance of your stomach’s pH levels.

Cure Muscle Cramps.
Pickle juice has electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and also calcium chloride. This can help fight off cramps and many athletes use this as an effective cramp remedy.

Give Your Recipe A Kick.
If you want to add a little tang to your recipe, like your deviled eggs, put a tablespoon of pickle juice to your masked yolks. You can also add this to some of your cocktails or make it a marinade for your meat.

Pickle Other Vegetables.
After finishing a jar of pickles, keep the juice because you might have other vegetables that you can pickle on your own. Just reuse the juice and add carrots or any other vegetables to the same jar. Allow it to brine for a few days and you will have a new jar of pickles!

Perfect Workout Drink.
Pickle juice is packed with electrolytes which is why you can use this to stay hydrated during your pre- or post-workout. If you try to look online, there are now bottled workout pickle juice drinks for sale that are used as an alternative to other workout drinks.

PMS Symptoms.
If it’s the time of the month, menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms are not fun. So drink half a cup of pickle juice during these days and feel some relief.

If you are suffering from sunburn, just dab a small amount of pickle juice to the affected skin. Let the vinegar take the sting away. Pickle juice is also effective in soothing blistering of the skin.

Weed Killer.
We all know that vinegar can help kill weeds. Pickle juice contains salt similar to vinegar. So spray your old pickle juice to these unruly weeds, or you can pour it right on those weeds and save yourself from buying chemicals that can have harmful side effects.

Weight Loss.
Having problems with your weight? Then you should never put away your pickle juice. This can help boost your metabolism so you can definitely add this to your daily diet.

If you have old pickle juice in your fridge and you want to throw it away, think again! Review the benefits that you can get from this old juice and for sure, you would want to save it for future use.


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