Moments After Being Named Homecoming Queen, The Boy Who Was Named King Yanked His Crown Off

Moments After Being Named Homecoming Queen, The Boy Who Was Named King Yanked His Crown Off


Every day, we hear stories of people showing kindness and compassion to each other and even to animals, and other times we hear of people doing the grossest, cruel and uncouth things. It is hard to decide what exactly the world is; a good place or a bad place? Well, here’s one more story that will show you that today, the world is a better place. We don’t know if that will change tomorrow, but we sure hope it will not.

Meghan Bailey is a teenager who studied at Douglas County High School. The girl suffers a form of cerebral palsy that prevents her from speaking, and she has to rely on voice aids to communicate. Her friends and family are quite supportive and strive to give her the best environment to grow up and live in.

Despite her condition, Meghan seems to be quite a popular girl. In the year 2016, she was crowned the homecoming queen of the Douglas County High School. She was thrilled, but anyone could see that her date Ian Brennan was not nearly as excited. He was happy for her but had not won the king.

Ian and Meghan had been best friends for the more significant part of their high school life and had decided to go to the event as a couple. Ian, just like Meghan, had a condition that limited his ability to do pretty much anything; he had down syndrome. The boy, however, had been brave enough to persevere all those difficulties and go to school till he became a senior, just like any other boy his age. No one was surprised to see the =m together that day; they were very close friends.

Unfortunately, Ian was still mourning his mom who had passed away two months before the homecoming. Veronica had been struggling with liver cancer and had eventually succumbed. Ian and his dad had grappled for days to understand the magnitude of their loss, and they missed her terribly. Ian’s dad particularly thought of her as his hero. He had been with her throughout the ordeal, taking care of her and his son till the last moment when she could not hold on anymore. Something, however, happened during the night of the homecoming that lit up their lives and gave them something to smile about.

As many had anticipated, Meghan was crowned the homecoming queen, and a senior named Brad Cooley was crowned the queen. Shortly afterward, however, Brad removed his crown and gave it to Ian. The boy lit up suddenly and immediately began his reign as the homecoming king. Both he and his date were royalty!

No one in the school could believe what had just happened. Brad said that he felt like someone else deserved the crown, and it felt wrong for him to keep it. Even though Meghan could not talk, anyone could see that she was bubbling with joy. Ian’s dad was overjoyed, to say the least. Meghan’s parents were also pleased and commended Ian for what he had done. His parents were also praised for bringing up their son so upright. This was the lift that Ian and his dad needed. They were going to remember the day for years to come.


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