Mom Is Visiting Her Son’s Grave When She Gets A Sign From The Afterlife That Has Her In Tears

Mom Is Visiting Her Son’s Grave When She Gets A Sign From The Afterlife That Has Her In Tears


Having a 6-year-old can be very challenging especially when they start to go to school. One of the most common issues that parents encounter is their child’s bathroom accidents. When a father was contacted by his daughter’s teacher, asking him to fetch her because of an incident, he immediately knew what he has to do. This dad is a quick-thinker and his idea was very clever, something that every parent should learn.

Ben Sowards is a dad of a 6-year-old girl. He is from Utah and he was called by her girl’s teacher because of a bathroom mishap. He knew that he must be quick and fetch her up immediately before she gets humiliated by the accident. When a child gets taunted and teased because of this issue, it can be traumatic for them, especially for a girl. However, before he went to pick her up, he had to do something to make Valerie at ease and should not be embarrassed about what happened.

Accidents like this happen particularly to younger kids like Valerie. At times, children will experience serious difficulties having urinary control and this can prompt a horrible and embarrassing experience. Parents should know how to deal with this sort of circumstance. You should be able to comprehend that there will be occurrences that this will happen. This is a normal issue especially if it doesn’t happen very often. However, when this happens consistently, you should consult their pediatrician so you will know whether there are issues that you have to address.

Before Ben got into his car to leave for Valerie’s school, he splashed a good amount of water on the crotch part of his jeans. The dad clarified with Huffington post that the best way to make her feel better regardless of what happened, he should be able to make her laugh. Surprisingly, his plan worked! When he arrived at the principal’s office, Ben told Valerie to let him hold her knapsack. To clear up her confusion, he whispered to his girl that he needs to ‘hide’ something.

Ben shared that Valerie was confused at first and she is uncertain why his dad is borrowing her backpack. When she looked down and saw his pants, she understood why. He said, “When she saw my pants, I got that look from her and I knew everything was okay.” He said that all fathers out there would be able to relate to what he has gone through that day. So both dad and his girl walked out of the school as if nothing happened.

Other parents would have been upset if their child has a bathroom incident. Not Ben! This is the perfect time for you to teach your children how to stand up like a big girl or a big boy when accidents like these happen. He or she should never be ashamed of themselves. Take note of this because this can be the cause of your child’s lack of confidence. Never take this incident for granted.

Parents should know how to build up their child’s confidence and self-esteem. They might get easily offended with little slip-ups but they should know that accidents happen. Ben is indeed one of the best dads in this world! He could have quietly driven off with Valerie’s school but he knew that he needs to lift her spirits up. He went an extra mile and thought of how to prevent his girl from feeling sorry for herself with what happened.


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