Mom Teaches 6-Year-Old A Lesson After She Threw Away A Brand New Pencil Case

Mom Teaches 6-Year-Old A Lesson After She Threw Away A Brand New Pencil Case


Watch How Mom Teaches 6-Year-Old A Lesson After Throwing Her Brand New Pencil Case

Being a parent is the most challenging job in the world. It is important that you set a good example for your kids. You should be able to teach them the difference between right and wrong. When it comes to discipline, there is no age limit. Even kids as young as 6-years-old should already be taught a lesson if they do something wrong.

When this mom from Florida decided to teach her 6-year-old daughter a lesson for being ‘ungrateful’ she was praised online because of this clever ‘punishment.’

She gave her daughter a LOL pencil case, but she seemed not happy with it. The child threw this brand new pencil case in the trash! This did not sit well with mom. She knew that she has to do something before this attitude becomes worse.

Haley Hassel is a hardworking mom and she recently shared on Facebook her story. She uploaded a ‘mom rant’ where she shared how her 6-year-old daughter, Presleigh, asked for her to buy the very popular LOL pencil box. When she got it, the kid suddenly changed her mind and she threw it away.

According to her story, she was too excited to surprise her daughter with the LOL pencil box. She really thought that her daughter would be ecstatic when she receives it. It was not easy finding the pencil box. She had to go to three different stores just to buy the case. She only did this because her daughter specifically asked for it. However, the mom was shocked at her daughters’ reaction.

Haley said, “When I surprised her with it, she stared at it and threw it in the trash and slammed the bedroom door. She yelled ‘that’s stupid, everyone in my class has that…I don’t want it anymore.’”

Haley could not believe how ungrateful her daughter is. She is only 6-years-old but she is starting to show some attitude. Haley realized that this is the best time to teach her daughter a major life lesson – be grateful for everything that you have and what is given to you.

On her post, Haley wrote:
“By this time there was probably smoke coming out of my ears and I’m trying really hard not to completely lose it on this kid that I have worked so hard to completely take care of financially on my own [and] make sure she always gets what she needs and then some. But I thought I had always taught her to be grateful [and] know how lucky she was but apparently sis needed a small wake up call.”

She knew that she should not tolerate her daughter to act that way. So she decided to teach Presleigh a lesson. She donated the pencil case to a child who would genuinely appreciate it! She did not stop there. She made Presleigh use a plastic bag as her pencil holder. In fact, she named it PRESLEIGHS PENCIL BAG.

The little girl surely lost her mind when she saw her ‘new’ pencil case. But it was too late. So Haley explained to her that she’s not entitled to anything special and she is taking for granted how lucky she is. She also told her daughter that she will personally deliver this nice box to a child that would be happy to have it.


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