Mom Is Taken Back At Her Baby’s Ultrasound And How He Looks At 3 Months Old

Mom Is Taken Back At Her Baby’s Ultrasound And How He Looks At 3 Months Old


Pregnant moms are excited when it’s time for their first ultrasound schedule because, for the very first time, they will be able to see their baby. Ultrasound nowadays is way more advanced than you think because not only are you going to learn the gender of the baby, you can also clearly see them moving.

Sarah Kelleher Steppling was watching her son sleeping and she noticed that his position was very familiar, something that she had already seen before. She decided to share it with her family and friends but she never expected that her post would go viral in an instant! People who saw this thought that it was the sweetest thing that they have ever seen. Once you get a glimpse of what Sarah shared, you would understand why people are crazy about it!

The mom shared her story with Love What Matters. She posted cute pictures of her son together with a side-by-side photo of what she discovered about him. Sarah also talked a little bit about motherhood. On her post, she said that the first ultrasound that she had was done when she was 18 weeks pregnant. According to Sarah, all they got back then was a bone structure and her son looked like Skeletor or the Krampus!

On her son’s 39th weeks’ ultrasound, she honestly thinks that it was adorable. It is very unusual to get clear images but the woman who assisted her during her ultrasound really knew her way around the uterus. Sarah and the rest of the family were very happy that they were able to capture amazing images. She said that when she noticed her son sleeping with his arms up, she did not immediately connect it to the ultrasound. But when she saw her ultrasound result hanging on her mother-in-law’s fridge when her son was a couple of weeks old, this is when it hit her. She said:

“He still does that! He is the king of taking it easy.”

She said that she made a side-by-side comparison of her son’s ultrasound and his favorite sleeping position these days and was amazed by how similar they were! She decided to post it to Reddit because this mom thought that it was a very interesting content and someone out there might enjoy seeing it.

Having her son was a life-changing moment for Sarah. “I just look at him and start to cry sometimes because I love him so much. He’s a chill little dude.” Her son also had difficult times because he had hemolytic anemia and severely prolonged jaundice during the first month of his life which is why he needed to rest under the blue light. The mom said that as long as you keep him fed, changed, and cuddled, he is a happy child. Her mom even told her how lucky they are to have him.

Sarah continued to write that he is now 3 months old and is already starting to move from his newborn phase. He is starting to play and interact. This mom is looking forward to what kind of kid this little angel is going to turn out to be. While he is still enjoying being a baby and choosing his best and most comfortable sleeping position even when he was still in her womb, Sarah and the rest of the family will continue to enjoy and cherish every moment.


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