Mom Sues Daycare After Teacher Shares Inappropriate Photo Of Her Daughter

Mom Sues Daycare After Teacher Shares Inappropriate Photo Of Her Daughter


Daycare centers are supposed to make parents have a peace of mind that their kids are safe and are well taken cared of. Imagine the shock of a mom when she learned that the daycare’s 21-year-old teacher post a video of her daughter’s naked bottom on social media!

A mom named Shannon Galofaro thought that she was doing the right thing when she put her 2-year-old daughter Makala in daycare. But recently, she learned this was very wrong. This is because a 21-year-old teacher from her daughter’s daycare, Sunshine Learning Centre located in Santa Clarita on the west coast of the United States, decided to sneak behind a sleeping Makala and took a video of her naked bum during their nap time. What made it worse is when she shared it to her followers on Snapchat hoping to get good laughs!

According to Shannon, Makala was asleep with her butt in the air just like what babies do. She said, “Her underwear was around her ankles, and her dress was to her midriff, and this woman wrote, ‘This girl’s ready for a three-day weekend,’ and put an emoji over her face.” Everybody who has seen the video was mortified!

The school staff found out about what this teacher did but they just kept silent and did not inform the mother. Instead, Shannon did not hear or learn anything about it until one week later. Shannon even believes that she wasn’t told the full story by the daycare staff. The workers told Shannon that this teacher had been fired and the video was already deleted from her phone. She recalled, “They told me that they took a picture of Makala’s bottom and her pants must have slid down a little bit and they didn’t mean anything by it.”

But what made Shannon furious is that the school said that they were doing their own investigation before they informed her or the police. Shannon only discovered about the incident when one of the disgusted staff complained to the authorities. The mom can still recall how the staff member told her how disgusted she was when she saw the video and how she went to everybody to try to tell them to do the right thing, but sadly, nobody did. The teacher did not only break the law, but the daycare even tried to cover it up! This is what outraged Shannon even more.

She said, “My daughter is not a joke, she’s an innocent child who’s been used to make child pornography.” Makala says that her daughter has been permanently scarred by this experience. According to the mom, Makala is now in therapy twice a week. They were already informed that the teacher in question no longer worked for the childcare center. Still, Shannon thinks that this is not enough. This mom feels that everyone who knew about the incident and did not do something about it does not deserve to be around other children.

This is why Shannon has already filed a lawsuit against the company who owns the daycare. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives have already submitted their own investigation to the prosecutors who will, later on, decide whether to file charges or not. The Department of Social Services has also visited the center and issued violations for putting these kids at risk and also for failing to report the incident.


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