Mom Shows Off Her Massive Baby Bump

Mom Shows Off Her Massive Baby Bump


Many people think that pregnancy is something that is all rainbows and butterflies. Sure, the end result is beautiful and miraculous, but the process of getting through it is something out of the ordinary. For some, the experience is incomparable. There are others who went well with pregnancy through delivery, but there are also others who had to go through a lot.

Some women have that ‘pregnancy glow’ but others have a lot of stories to tell. From nausea to backaches, to swollen feet. These are just part of the rollercoaster ride. If you are expecting twins, that’s double-trouble. But if you are expecting triplets, the effects of pregnancy are much more pronounced.

A Denmark mother went viral after she shared the reality of having triplets!

Maria already had a son with her husband but she was shocked when she discovered that she was carrying triplets! What made this more amazing is that they were able to conceive triplets without the help of any fertility treatments.

Her doctors explained that having triplets naturally is very rare. It’s a 1 in every 4,400 chance. This is why after she learned about being pregnant to not one, two, but three babies, she started to document her pregnancy on her Instagram account – @triplets_of_copenhagen.

This is where Maria shared her highs and lows of pregnancy. Her honesty and openness about the realities of conceiving twins earned her thousands of followers worldwide. She’s not saying much, but her massive belly was enough to grab other people’s attention. In one of her posts she wrote:

“I’m glad we took these pictures because this collage really shows the massive growth. It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly, and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down.”

When the time came, Maria gave birth to her triplets through C-Section on September 12, 2018. They named the babies Iben, Agnes, and Filip. The couple had two girls, Iben and Agnes, and a son, Filip. The triplets had to stay in the NICU for some time, but they were all healthy. Iben is the smallest among the three. She only weighs 4 pounds and 32 ounces.

The parents were very proud of this accomplishment saying, “We are so in love with our miniature babies. They have the cutest little faces!”

Maria’s body went through a drastic change throughout her pregnancy. But if you think giving birth was the difficult part, she revealed that the recovery was not easy either. Even after four days following the C-Section, she was not able to walk yet because of the pain that she had to endure. She shared that she could feel her bowels ‘twisting and turning like snakes.’

Nine days of stay in the NICU, the triplets were finally able to go home!

Life with these triplets and a toddler was surely not easy for the couple. Thankfully, each of their families was more than glad to help until the couple was able to manage on their own. For sure, every day would be a struggle for them, but definitely a worthy one. Babies are blessings to every family. 2018 was a lucky year for them because they did not receive one, but three additional blessings to their family!


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