Mom Shares Which Bar Of Soap Cleared Her Daughter’s Chronic Eczema

Mom Shares Which Bar Of Soap Cleared Her Daughter’s Chronic Eczema


Now, there’s an effective cure to eczema that actually works.

A mother has shared the story of how her daughter’s chronic eczema was cleared in just a single week by a bar of soap that costs £5.

Grace Adey-Peters is a sweet four year old girl who has been battling with this awful skin condition ever since she was born until her mother, a resident of Somerset, discovered the natural cleansing bar. The bar of soap contained milk, who was able to ease Grace’s symptoms in just 7 days.

The heat wave that recently hit the UK made Grace’s condition considerably worse, with temperatures rising as high as 33°C in certain parts of the country. According to her mother, Grace was sometimes in so much pain that she was unable to get a proper night’s sleep.

Now, Sarah (Grace’s mother) has thanked MooGoo Fresh Butter, Olive & Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar for working a major miracle and ridding Grace of all the symptoms off eczema that she had.

Sarah originally hails from Australia (the same place where the brand is from), but she and her four kids now live in the UK.

An ‘eco warrior’ in her own rights, Sarah says that she is a firm believer in natural products, although nothing had been able to help Grace’s condition.

She explained, “Sometimes, Grace would wake in the middle of the night and start itching her skin just to relieve herself of the pain. She’d end up with blood on her sheets, and I was heartbroken to see her and not be able to do anything about it. I started giving her drops of antihistamine syrup to try reducing the pain, but nothing proved effective”

However, during last year’s holiday, Sarah came across the natural brand.

“I visited Perth last year and I saw the MooGoo products at a clinic, so I researched the brand a little. When I saw that it was here in the UK, I called the company and told them about Grace’s skin condition”.

Sarah even went as far as sending pictures of Grace’s skin to the company. Grace had dry cracked and painful skin.

The company recommended a bar of Fresh Buttermilk, Olive & Cocoa Butter. The cleansing bar has a lot of fatty oils, which help add moisture to the skin and leave it comfortable. The bar is also gentle and completely non-irritating.

“Amazingly, just a week after Grace started sing the MooGoo product, the results that we started seeing were just amazing. I could hardly believe my own eyes. Even during this recent heat wave, the eczema has been much calmer”.

Sarah said that due to how well the product did with Grace, she was able to introduce other MooGoo products into her skincare regimen. The other products included Soothing MSM Moisturizer, filled with organic sulphur, and Irritable Skin Balm; a product that has been known to sell every minute all over the world.

Sarah credited the improvement in Grace’s condition to the combination of all these products. While the cleansing bar took down the eczema in a matter of days, the distressing itching was ameliorated by the other products. From there, the results were easy to maintain.

Sarah has now shown an interest in sharing these tips with other moms whose children might be suffering the same fate.

“I would advise that you cut the Cleansing Bar into quarters and wrap it in a muslin cloth so as to help you children use it themselves while they bathe. Also, this makes the bar light, and allows water into the soap to interact with it.


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