Mom Sends Dead Son A Text To Help Cope With Her Sadness, Gets A Response

Mom Sends Dead Son A Text To Help Cope With Her Sadness, Gets A Response


Losing someone you love, especially your child is incomparable when it comes to pain and the difficulty in coping up with the reality. No mother or father should suffer the loneliness of living every day without their children, knowing that they are not coming back. It may take years or decades, still, the grief and sorrow will remain like it all happened yesterday.

When Adler lost her son because of a high-speed chase, dealing with her loss has proven to be more difficult every day. This is when she decided to start texting her son’s old phone number. She knew that she would never get a reply but she felt like by sharing her feelings with him in spirit, it is the only option that she has left to survive. She and her son had a very close relationship and they often spend time with each other.

Taylor Thyfault passed away in May 2015. He was a really remarkable young fellow who had dreams of joining the armed force, purchasing things, and visiting places. He had his goals set straight and worked hard to fulfill them. Sadly, this young man lost his life before having the shot of achieving the 25 goals on his bucket list.

When Taylor was 21 years old, he already joined the Army veteran and was already on the final stages of his cadet training with the Colorado State Patrol. On the day that Taylor was killed, he was on a task together with Trooper Clinton Rushing. They took a shot at a crash examination on Highway 66 close to the Weld County when they were cautioned about a high-speed police chase. They tried stopping the driver by using stop sticks yet he figured out how to miss them and crashed directly into the two men leaving Rushing on a critical state and Thyfault dead at the scene.

Before this tragic incident, Thyfault was able to save a man’s life by warning him to get away. This was a tow-truck driver who was at the similar scene but the man was lucky enough to listen to Taylor’s warnings so he survived. Thyfault was hailed a hero that day! His mom knew how kind and generous her son is. Helping other people was something that he was passionate to do when he was alive. She said, “ If you asked him, he’d do it again, because he sacrificed himself, for someone else. He lived, he dreamed and breathed that.”

A few weeks after Taylor’s death, Adler sent a text message to his old number. She knew that it will be a one-sided conversation but it was enough for and made her feel that he could listen. However, after several text messages, something unbelievable happened.

Adler got a text back!

The reply was from Sergeant Kell Hulsey from the Greeley Police department. This number was his new work phone for that summer. He started ignoring the text messages thinking that it was sent for a wrong number but eventually decided to reply to one of them to let the person who is texting him know that he or she is reaching a wrong number. His reply went like this:

“I’m with the Greeley Police Department, and I don’t think your texts are going where you think they are.”

Adler quickly responded and identified herself the mom of Taylor Thyfault. For respect, Sgt. Hulsey offered to get a new phone number but Adler asked him to keep her son’s phone number because he is now doing Taylor’s dream job. In light of his achievements, Thyfault’s name will be added to the national memorial to fallen officers. His mother, his relatives, and his friends will all be there to respect the memory of this astounding young man who once saved a life.


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