Mom Rudely Mocks Man Who Is Covered In Dirt, Regrets Her Decision After Finding Out His Real Identity

Mom Rudely Mocks Man Who Is Covered In Dirt, Regrets Her Decision After Finding Out His Real Identity


Much as parents are responsible for bringing up their children with their own set code of standards, there are certain values that they should instill in them. Such include humility. We have all heard a great many stories about humility but what happens when we are actually called to demonstrate it in any given situation. It is just a value we know and learn about but one we are not keen to instill in ourselves as well as our children?

One mother had some words coming to her when she judged a man at the store by his appearance. To make it worse, she went on to tell her daughter something that irked the stranger, and he did not hesitate but gave her a piece of his mind right there and then. Here rudeness was unbelievable, and the fact that she was teaching her child to look at life the same way was outrageous. Andy Ross, the man in question, stood up for himself and made sure that she would never do that to anyone else, then went ahead and shared the story with the rest of the world.

Andy Ross was coming from work and needed to grab something quickly from a convenience store. As he walked in, he noticed that there was a little girl, seven or eight years, standing in the parking lot while staring at him. Andy did not give it much thought because he understood that kids get curious about everything. Also, he had dirt all over him, so he for her, he was quite the sight.

Coincidentally, the girl and her mother ended up right in front of him in the checkout line at the store. The girl was still staring at him, and he was beginning to wonder. After some time, the girl mother told to stop looking at him and said something else that alarmed Andy. She said, “that is why you should stay in school.”
Without really considering it, Andy turned to the woman, and they had what he later called and educative conversation.

He first let her know that he was a very educated man. Andy not only had a high school diploma, but he also had a college diploma and numerous medical certifications. He let her know that her assumption that he was uneducated only showed him just how ignorant she was.

He then went ahead and defended his tattoos; according to him, associating them with being uneducated would most likely hamper the girl’s imagination and creativity. Andy let the woman know that he was very proud of them and they represented important things in his life, including his service to the country.

He also went ahead to make it known that his hat that had an elk figure represented his ownership of an outdoor company. He had a right to hunt and was deemed a responsible gun owner.

He concluded the message by letting her know that he had worked at the desk but willingly moved out to work in the field. He got everything he needed and could support his family, and that was enough for him.

That was a simple way of saying not to judge the book by its cover.


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