Mom Purchased An Ornament From A Thrift Store And Finds Human Ashes Inside

Mom Purchased An Ornament From A Thrift Store And Finds Human Ashes Inside


Many of us have a favorite color and we have to admit, blue is the most preferred by others. Priscilla Bailey is one of those who loves to collect any blue trinkets. She has a lot of delicate items that are hanging above her kitchen sink and she always loves to look and admire them every time she washes the dishes.

Plenty of people love to visit thrift stores, hoping to find something worth it. For a woman named Priscilla, all she wanted is to find something that would interest her. She visited her local Savers store located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and to her surprise, she found a heart-shaped, bluish cracked glass ornament. It is adorned with a silver covering on the end that definitely caught her eye. She paid $2.99 for the ornament and it became hers!

“I just thought it was pretty. Maybe it was meant to come here, who knows?”

Priscilla said, “I thought about it for a minute when I first picked it up.” The ornament was elaborately detailed and it looks to have something unidentifiable in it. Priscilla didn’t think much about the contents and she hanged it next to her other favorite collectibles, not knowing that soon she would be able to discover something that would definitely shock her. After a few days of looking at her new addition, she could not help but wonder what was inside this object. She knew that there is something inside it but just can’t figure it out yet.

She decided to ask help from her husband to determine what’s inside it. Her husband held a light up behind this ornament and sure enough, they found something inside it! When Priscilla identified what’s in this $2.99 ornament, she knew that she had to do something right away. She could not waste any more time because she knew that by now, the owner is already missing it. It should mean something to them.

What’s inside the ornament? Someone else’s ashes!

Priscilla believes that this is an urn and it belonged to someone else. She asked help from her daughter Kat to assist her in finding the rightful owner of the ornament. Kat said, “It’s beautiful, it must have a story. So, that’s my goal, is to find out and figure out who it belongs to.” They remembered that the Savers store accepts donations and many of them come from residents right there in her town, or maybe from the surrounding communities. It is possible that this ornament belonged to someone she knew!

According to the Saver’s spokesperson, a majority of the items that they sell here are from local donations. Priscilla said, “It would be fun to see what happens. Hopefully, someone would come forward and say ‘Yes that was my grandmothers’ or my grandfathers.’” Until the real owner is identified, the ornament will continue to hang together with Priscilla’s other collections. “There it sits, my spooky little friend,” Priscilla said.

Sometimes we find something treasurable in thrift stores but like Priscilla, if you think that this belongs to someone else, do the right thing. You might think that what you are doing does not mean a lot to you, but it might mean the world to the other person. Take the chance to do something right.


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