Mom Looks At Her Son On His Birthday And Realizes His Friends Are Making Him Sick

Mom Looks At Her Son On His Birthday And Realizes His Friends Are Making Him Sick


Liam was a typical seventh-grader and like other kids his age, he also loves to hang out with his friends, ride their bikes and would probably be a heavy eater too! Liam loves to play soccer so he would always have a soccer ball anywhere he went.

When he was told that he finally made the school’s soccer team, he was overjoyed!

His mom, Deirdre O’Brien noticed that one day, he was starting to lose interest in the things that he loved to do. She was also getting concerned because his son was starting to lose weight. One afternoon Liam handed her his cell phone. Confused so she asked why but he just told her that he did not want it anymore. At first, Deirdre was thought that he did he is becoming grumpy these days because of his emerging teen hormones, so she just kept his phone in a drawer knowing that he would ask for it soon.

This led to more disturbing things. Liam was not using his bike anymore to meet up with his friends, and he is also not carrying a soccer ball. During meal times, he would just push his food around his plate. Her son looked skinnier each day. Deidre knew that she had to investigate at her son’s sudden and severe rejection of his interests. But she knew that squeezing the truth out of Liam will be a problem because her son is very secretive.

On a Monday morning when Liam refused to go to school, she knew that they need to talk.

So, Deirdre sat him down and pleaded for him to tell her what’s going on. It didn’t take long for the boy to give in. He was crying while mom can’t contain her emotions while he hesitantly shared that he was being bullied. The sickening fact is that this has been happening for a year and she never knew about it.

Liam told her mom that a group of boys at school was telling him that he “sucked.” They were also telling him that he should not have made it to the soccer team because he was not that good at this sport. Liam also revealed that they would push and kick him around. The worst part that made Deidre furious was when Liam told her that these kids were telling Liam that he should kill himself.

When Liam was asked how these kids bully him, he tearfully replied, “Every day, Mom.”

Everything finally made sense! “My heart was in a million pieces.” Liam was immediately sent to the hospital because Deidre has a feeling that he is sick – she was right! Liam was put on a feeding tube and heart monitor as part of his treatment for malnutrition. He also had to undergo intense therapy for his depression and eating disorder.

Deidre then confronted the school and parents of these bullies and tried to make them understand what happened to Liam. Instead of siding with her, they refused to take responsibility for what happened. Of course, Deirdre was disappointed but she decided to share her son’s story on social media and in an instant, her post went viral! Sharing Liam’s story was the best decision that she did because. Deidre did not only save her son’s life but other kids too!


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