Mom And Kids Burned To Death By Husband, All Three Were Placed In The Same Coffin

Mom And Kids Burned To Death By Husband, All Three Were Placed In The Same Coffin


Everyone who knows Hannah Clarke, 31, and her three children were shocked upon hearing the tragic news. Reports revealed that Clarke’s husband, former NRL player Rowan Baxter burned to death Clarke and their three children about three weeks ago. When the news broke out, Australia was shocked.

Family and friends, and even PM Scott Morrison attended the funeral on the morning of February 19th.

According to the news, Clarke was inside the car with her three kids, Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3. She was dropping them off to school on February 19th when Baxter, who was then living separately from Clarke, decided to douse his wife and his kids in gasoline. Then he set them on fire. Later on, Baxter committed suicide by shooting himself at the site where he burned his entire family in a Brisbane neighborhood.

Aside from their family and friends, the public, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Katarina Carroll, all joined the mourning of the deceased a the Citipointe Church in Carindale in order to bid their goodbyes.

A memorial bookmark was handed to the attendees and it read: ‘Forever in our hearts. Your lives were a blessing, your memories a treasure. You are all loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure.’

According to Daily Mail, Clarke’s brother, Nathaniel, gave a eulogy to remember his sister. He called her “one of the greatest mums to walk this earth.” He added, “I’ve loved you since the day I was born. We weren’t brother and sister, we were friends.”

He also revealed that he met his sister and her kids at Sea World just a couple of days ago before they passed away. He said, “The day was pure joy. They were the best memories, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey.”

Nathaniel also described Clarke’s kids saying, “Aaliyah, you were everything a big sister should be, brave, strong and quite bossy. Laianah, you were the ratbag, the little middle. There was so much of Hannah in you. You were beautiful, sweet and caring with an amazing imagination. You were the sweetest kid and a beautiful mermaid. Trey, mother’s little man, and her best surprise.”

Ian Adrian, Clarke’s uncle also shared that he had seen her with the kids the last time at her brother’s wedding. He said, “It was late in the day and the only people on the dance floor were my sister, brother-in-law, Hannah and her three children. The girls were really grooving, but it was Trey who stole the show. He could really bust a move, that kid, almost as good as his papa. This is how I do, and will in the future, choose to remember them.”

Nikkie Brooks who is one of Clarke’s friends talked about her saying, “Han was one in a million. She was completely infectious, the kind of person you want in your corner.” Another friend named Lou Farmer said, “Han was the best role model for her daughters; she knew her worth. Hannah, the impact you had on people shows how special you are.”

A few weeks before the tragedy, Baxter posted a video of him wrestling with his children. Then on January 8, he wrote these words on his social media account:

“Sweet dreams my babies xo. Love you to the moon and back #nowords #dad #myworld.”


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