Mom Gives Birth To The Biggest Baby These Doctors Have Seen

Mom Gives Birth To The Biggest Baby These Doctors Have Seen


Pregnancy is one of the most significant milestones in any marriage. Nothing beats the joy of knowing that you are going to be a parent. It means that your whole life is going to change and that your priorities have to be re-aligned. It also means that you have a life in your hands, and it is up to you to see to it that it thrives and becomes the best of itself. A child is a product of love and a continuation of your bloodline.

When Nicole and Matthew Ziesemer realized that they were expecting a child, they were beyond thrilled. The young couple was just beginning to settle down and find an even pace to go by when God blessed them with the ultimate gift of every marriage; a child. They could not wait to share this news with their relatives and friends, and soon, everyone was counting down the days till they meet the child. It was a fascinating journey that the couple took with everyone that cared about them and with a strong bond of family behind them, they were ready to become parents.

The pregnancy went on smoothly, and Nicole remained healthy. Save for the dreadful morning sickness and sudden nausea, everything else was coming along just fine. She ate well, and her husband made sure that he pampered his wife until she was thoroughly spoilt. As the belly swelled more and more every day, the couple decided that they would go for a natural birth. They would not deliver in a hospital, and Nicole would not take any medication. No ultrasounds, no nothing. They would welcome their baby in the warmth and comfort of their house, where they planned to raise him or her.

To this effect, Matthew and his wife hired a midwife who was supposed to show up in late January when according to their calculations, the baby was supposed to be delivered. They settled down for a quiet Christmas in their house, but alas, they had a big surprise awaiting them.

In the evening of 29th December, Nicole’s water broke. She can attest that she has never seen a man, so panic-stricken. In his defense, Matthew had a pretty good reason to panic. It was the middle of an icy winter, and all roads were covered in thick snow. Earlier he had had to carry out the difficult task of scooping snow from their driveway. Without much thought, the man carried his wife to the car and began the journey to the hospital.

The trip was painfully slow as they had to maneuver carefully in the heavy snow. When they eventually got there, Nicole was swiftly whisked off to the delivery room where the real turmoil began.

The poor woman was in labor for a whole day, and the child did not as much as pop out his head to relieve her. In the thirty-ninth hour, a beautiful baby girl was born. Just as the doctor prepared to wind up, Nicole went back to labor and to everyone’s surprise, a baby boy came out squealing loudly. They were twins! Everybody took a minute to grasp that, then they burst out in celebration. Meghan and her brother Cade were their winter blessing.


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