Mom Finds Her Son Dead After He Stood Up All Night Playing Video Games

Mom Finds Her Son Dead After He Stood Up All Night Playing Video Games


Drugs are truly dangerous things to take. Please, be safe.

Gunner Bundrick and Jake Morales, both of whom are 19 years old, were considered to be model members off the society. They were local high school football stars, and were fondly remembered after they died.

David Moran, their football coach, said, “Very popular on campus, around town. They’ve created a lot of memories for our students and our coaches.”
On the 2nd of November, Gunner and Jake left home at 10PM for a party. They got back at 3:48AM, and they were last seen alive about an hour later, playing video games and eating pizza.

At some point in the night, the teenagers bought Percocet, a popular painkiller. Later, investigations revealed that the pills contained 50% fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine, but about 50 to 100 times more effective. Its effects are similar to those of heroin (majorly drowsiness and euphoria), but overdosing is easy, seeing as a lethal amount is basically the same as just a few grains of sand. To put it into perspective, the fentanyl in the container below (which is bout 3mg) is sufficient to kill a grown man.

Now, we are seeing reports of fentanyl-laced drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or MDMA, meaning that those who are at risk are much more than opioid users.
Dr. Sarah Wakeman, an addiction medicine physician, “Part of the challenge is just how potent fentanyl is that even a small amount, particularly in someone who doesn’t regularly use opioids, can be so deadly.”

Gunner’s aunt, Brandi Bundrick Nishnick, stated that in the case of her nephew, the amount of fentanyl that the pill contained was “enough to kill 10 adult men”
Last year, the CDC estimated that there was a 10% increase in overdoses as opposed to 2016. Of the 70,000 cases reported, more than 2/3 had been caused by opiates, while fentanyl was credited as the extreme driver.

The Guardian reported, “The rising overdose numbers make the drug epidemic more deadly than gun violence, car crashes or Aids, which have never killed as many people in a single year. It represents nearly 200 people dying from overdoses every day in 2017.”

Six hours after being seen alive last, Gunner and Jake were pronounced dead. Now, Gunner’s family is raising awareness.

Speaking to Facebook as a means of warning others against the use of drugs, Gunners’ aunt Brandi wrote a post describing the story of the teenager.

“I’m sharing Gunner’s story because Gunner had a whole life ahead of him,” she wrote. “He had goals and aspirations. He wanted to be a dad. He wanted to continue to play football and baseball in college. He wanted to go hunting and fishing with his grandpa. Gunner wasn’t done.”

“One bad choice, one stupid minor mistake was all it took. Gunner never had a chance.”

Brandi says that it is completely natural for teenagers to want to experiment. They see the bottles in their parents’ medicine cabinet and just assume that it is safe to take pills.

She wrote, “These aren’t the pills in your parent’s medicine cabinet. They are made in someone’s garage who is trying to make a buck… a buck at the expense of our children.”

She begged, “Tell your kids Gunner’s story. Show them his picture. I can’t describe the amount of pain my brother, sister-in-law and Gunner’s sisters are going through.

A pain that will NEVER end. A hole that will NEVER be filled. A life that will never be brought back.

A beautiful life. Gone forever.”


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